Umar Ashraf-Kashmir’s cricketer,a synonym for strength

Umar Ashraf-Kashmir’s cricketer,a synonym for strength


“Disability turned into strength”                
I firmly believe that nothing is impossible if your will power is strong but making impossible things possible, is one such tough task. I am going to share an inspiring story of a Kashmiri boy who is deaf and dumb but is a successful cricketer. His strong will power and hard work has made him able to fight against his disability. He met an accident at a very small age which changed his life. He did not let that incident become a hurdle in his success and become an inspiration for all of us. Umar completed his studies from deaf and dumb school in Rambagh, Srinagar. He learned non-verbal communication signs at the same school and he was sent to another school in Jammu to perfect his skills. Umar had always been a quick learner. He had a very keen interest in cricket ever since he was a child and he always desired to become a great cricketer. Umar started playing cricket at the age of eleven. With time his dedication towards the game increased and in 2008, he was selected for J&K deaf and dumb cricket club and went on to play in Delhi.

When he moved out of Kashmir, he realised that his disabilities are not his weakness and he is as much capable as others are. He did not care about his disability and has won laurels in 92 national and international matches. Umar started playing cricket at a very early age of 11 years. In 2016, Umar went to Dubai and played a match against Pakistan`s U-19 deaf and dumb team. He played against Pakistan and scored 59 runs.

“It was the most memorable match I ever played”, said Umar through his sign language, in an interview.

In 2017, Umar was a part of the team that won Asia Cup final against Sri Lanka. His eyes sparkled with tears of joy, echoing his huge achievements that made not just Kashmir but whole India proud. For Umar and his dedication, New Age Kashmir would like to dedicate a quote for him.

“you are brighter than the shooting star, so shine no matter where you are!”

We hope that people in Kashmir excel and win in every field and keep inspiring others. Every talented Kashmiri is going to shine brighter

than the stars in sky and create a path that can be followed by others.

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