Ufra Mir: First Peace Psychologist in Kashmir

Ufra Mir: First Peace Psychologist in Kashmir

“When I look at the world I’m pessimistic, but when I look at people I am optimistic.” -Carl Roger


Carl Roger, here, is trying to portray the state of the world. Our Social Media feeds are filled mostly with a constant influx of stories that focus on arguments and strife, making the world seems like a terrible place to live. But if we start focusing on individuals, we would experience a positive and realistic view of the world. Everyone is fighting a battle of their own that no one knows. And psychology helps us to have a deep understanding of the people, their behavior and mindsets. One Such psychologist who helps the women of the Kashmir to find peace and have optimistic approach towards life is none other than UFRA MIR. She is Kashmir’s first peace psychologist so far and has done amazing work for the valley.


Ufra Mir: First Peace Psychologist in Kashmir


Peace Psychology is not a well known stream of psychology. It’s a type of psychology that focuses on mitigating the effects of conflict on society and developing ways to promote Peace. Not only this, but also she is a social entrepreneur and a scholar-activist. A graduate of Luther College (USA) and a double degree from the University of Nottingham (UK) has made possible for her to have a contact with organizations like US Department of peace. Ufra was born and brought up in Kashmir. She always wanted to do something impactful for the people and for the place. Choosing this field of study, was a first step towards the positive change. She said she helped people by transforming their pain into creative expression via art. People who are dealing with the problems of life think that they will attain peace after they have had solved them. However, peace comes along the with process of finding solution. That’s why she feels peace is a process not a product. Using the experience of her struggle, she has developed youth-health peace initiative over the past four years. She designed it in such a way that this initiative has to offer many peacebuilding skills and training workshops to Kashmiri youth so that they empower socially, emotionally and psychologically.



In this process, an international nonprofit initiative that is Paigaam, grew. This helped not only the Kashmiris but also the people around the world.Some of her Achievements are:-

-The first Kashmiri to attend UWC International Council.

-The First Kashmiri to get selected for the Swedish Institute Young Connectors for Future Fellowship

-Nominated for ACR International Outstanding Leadership Award, ElHibri Peace Education Prize, Hawkinson Peace & Justice Scholarship Award

Ufra Mir is a perfect example of ‘Service before Self’. She has selflessly worked for the people of Kashmir. And we, at the New Age Kashmir, appreciate and wish her success for the future for the valuable work.