The power of innovation: A new generation reviving Kashmiri handicrafts.

The power of innovation: A new generation reviving Kashmiri handicrafts.


The handicraft of a place not only reflects craftsmen’s skills, but also traces back to its rich historical value. India is one of the major suppliers of handicrafts in the world market. There is no denying that handicraft of India is diverse, has a rich historical background, is a source of livelihood for many and hence it becomes very important that special attention is required to revive old traditional handicrafts and the authentic techniques.

In recent times there are groups of young designers trying to revive old traditional Indian arts and crafts. Omaira Qayoom Khan and Binish Bashir Khan, two young women are one of them who are not just reviving the old handicrafts, but also brining a joy among the craftsmen. The Young creative minds of Kashmir thought of giving it a contemporary twist to the traditional arts and crafts.

Young entrepreneurs of Kashmir, Omaira and Binish on realizing they are better off creating their own business than following the tradition and getting married at a young age, started reviving the timeless treasures of Kashmir’s handicrafts. The outcome of the decision of partnering with a 6 year old friend to start a business was ‘Craft World Kashmir’, an online shop that offers Kashmiri arts exclusively.

They turned their hobbies into business to live their dreams as artists. Apart from taking care of their business they are both working as teachers in the Tree House Preparatory School. Even in this busy schedule taking out time for their business was not difficult as it was their passion and love for the work. Crochet – a species of knitting was originally constricted/limited to only sweaters, baby sets or table covers at most, but Omaira and Binish are bringing in a wide range of varieties by making bags, beanies any style, feet warmers, gloves, hand pouches, mobile pouches, jewellery, wall hangings, baskets, rubber bands, headbands, ponchos, cowls, boot cuffs, shrugs, coasters, curtain tie backs and cushion covers etc. The crochet stitch pattern is a very complicated and a time-consuming job. But they enjoy making, collecting and crafting.
The stuffs that they make are sold online through their Instagram and Facebook ( pages. Their business is recognition to their high potentials, natural talent and hardwork.

Apart from crochet handicrafts, they also do FABRIC PAINTING. They paint on bed covers, cushion covers, kurties, wall hangings and dresses as well. They also do POT DESIGNING and MEHANDI designing. It is a responsibility of the new generation to save, revive and flourish the traditional handicrafts of a region. We wish these young girls all the very best in the years to come! If you are staying in Kashmir or planning a trip anytime soon to Kashmir, do visit their store to purchase and promote their innovative initiative.