The Inspirational New Age Personalities of Jammu and Kashmir 1

The Inspirational New Age Personalities of Jammu and Kashmir

Right throughout history, the state of Jammu and Kashmir has given the country some of the very inspiring people who have proved their mettle in different fields. What makes their stories even more heartening is that they have managed to shine by overcoming all obstacles with sheer grit and determination.

Let’s have a look at some of these Kashmiris who have reached the pinnacle of success despite all the odds:

1) Meet Dr. Rehana Bashir- The Doctored IAS
Dr. Bashir is the first woman from Poonch district as well as Pir Pangal Range of Jammu and Kashmir to crack UPSC, one of the most admired administerial positions of our country. She donned an All India Rank of 187.

The Inspirational New Age Personalities of Jammu and Kashmir 1
Bashir a doctor, was serving humanity with her expert skills. It was her desire to serve people beyond the capabilities of a doctor that makes her an inspiration.
It was during her internship, which was part of the final phase of pursuing MBBS, when she understood that she can’t restrict herself to saving lives at a hospital and she wanted to reach people who did not have access to hospitals. So she chose to appear for UPSC, 2018. For her success she credits her single mother who despite the responsibility of three children was capable enough to aid her throughout. As Dr. Bashir gives us every reason to be proud of her, her mother sends a strong message of the strength of a woman.

2) Meet Hansja Sharma- The Young Lieutenant
Hansja Sharma, the daughter of Jammu, ex-Cadet, achieved the title of Lieutenant recently and made the valley proud.

The Inspirational New Age Personalities of Jammu and Kashmir

As a young girl, Hansja was an aspirant of civil services and had no plans of joining the army. But during her college life, while she was a Cadet at National Cadet Corps, she got an opportunity to visit an Army Attachment Camp. She felt that she was rather made for Army and serve the nation as by guarding it.
As a result, began her preparations to join the Army and recently after successfully clearing the interview at Service Selection Board of the Ministry of Defense, she became Lieutenant Hansja Sharma.
She stands tall as an extraordinary example and an inspiration for the youth of Jammu and Kashmir.

3) Meet Ghulam Rasool Rather- The Gardening Magician
Rather, who hails from Brein Dampora area in Srinagar, is the man without whom the hillock near the botanical garden wouldn’t have been the mesmerizing Tulip Garden, a destination people from all over the country come to visit today in Srinagar.

Rather, who wanted to be a doctor as a child, is the son of a veteran gardener who worked with Jammu and Kashmir’s floriculture department. His father would take him to Mughal Gardens located along the Zabarwan hill range in Srinagar and made him learn the names of flowers and plants. Under the influence of his father, Rather acquired skills to plant a sapling came naturally.
After the death of his father in 1973, when Rather had just passed 10th class, he shaved his plans of being a doctor and chose gardening as profession.
As a result of his skilled training, he landed a job with the government. As he grew in rank and experience, he became the first choice to head the project of tulip garden in 2007.

The Inspirational New Age Personalities of Jammu and Kashmir

Along with 36 workers, Rather converted the hillock into the present day Terrace Tulip Garden.
He says, “A doctor heals people’s ailments through medicine. I, as a florist, heal their ailments through bloom of flowers,”
May his legacy continue to thrive the beauty of Kashmir.

4) Ashaq Ashah- The Researcher at CERN
With big dreams in eyes and inspiration from the work of the great scientist, Albert Einstein, Ashaq Ashah from Bandipora became a researcher at Europe’s largest nuclear research operation, CERN, located in Geneva, Switzerland.
He finished a Masters degree in Physics from Kashmir University in 2009 and worked as a researcher at Pondicherry University and then at Delhi University. He grabbed the biggest opportunity of his life to work at CERN in no time.
Ashaq inspires us as a perfect example of growth and achievements. He proves that people with big dreams can achieve them with determination.

The Inspirational New Age Personalities of Jammu and Kashmir

At New Age Kashmir, we salute their greatness and choices that have led them to it. We hope that their work inspires many more children and youth to strive and achieve their goals in life and they become shining examples for the generations to come.