Let's talk about the real Jammu and KashmirA

Let’s Talk About the REAL Jammu and Kashmir

For a long time we have been asking people to focus on the positive aspects of Jammu and Kashmir. Spreading word one by one, slowly, to achieve an inner perspective of the valley rather than the outer. Hoping that one day we will renounce all negativity attached to our heavenly land. The land where people are boosted with talent and there is no denying the availability of abundant opportunities; the land of almighty’s love spread in the form of nature.


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Who else loves Kashmir?


While we are glorifying this truth with the help of highly passionate new generation and their achievements; Conde Nast Traveller (India) is doing the same by reflecting the bright colours of the land of Jammu and Kashmir. It is a luxury and lifestyle travel magazine published by Condé Nast and focuses on literary journalism (Travel writing). As per editor in chief, Harold Evans, travel industry’s major significance arises from a writer with an insider’s perspective; he coined the motto of the magazine as “Truth in Travel”. The magazine has a separate publication and website for travel stories and guides for India, i.e. Conde Nast Traveller, which makes it an international platform to extract information of travel from.


Conde Nast Traveller is a blessing in disguise


They published a Jammu and Kashmir Special Edition- “To Kashmir with Love”.


To kashmir with love


They send their love to Kashmir and honors it with a separate column on its website, called, “To Kashmir with Love”.


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They speak the language of heart.


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They explore the food and streets together.


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They reflect the serene by enlightening the personal events.


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Conde Nast Traveller, along with being an international platform, is a widely spread medium for a travel guide. Its presence on social media is magnificent. Be it Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Instagram, the magazine is a huge influencer in all its forms. And, having a separate column for Kashmir helps the valley to get an international recognition for its positive aspects over the negative ones (which are naturally more or less present in every state and the valley does not need to be known ideally for that). Hence, the Magazine helps Jammu and Kashmir to put forward its natural form instead of the one that has been framed over the years.


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Through New Age Kashmir, we aim to bring the real Kashmir in front of the world. And, having support is all that matters to us. We wholeheartedly thank the initiative taken by Conde Nast Traveller to back the goal that we aim to achieve. We hope with a constant pace, strong belief and positive attitude we can one final day free Kashmir of its loops and let it shine in its true present beauty.