Reso-Nation: Music that touches the heart

Reso-Nation: Music that touches the heart


Music is an art, a way of expression that touches your heart, your soul from inside. The craze of music has been increasing by the day and also music has evolved. The evolution in music has given birth to lots of music band and the interest for bands has grown exponentially. The interest of people has inclined more towards the musical bands. Which is helping youths to come up with their own band and build their own identity. The concept of band goes back to early 1968, Americans came with the idea of band and pop music and people enjoyed the new face of music. Since then, the craze of band never went down. In 2014, Reso-Nation a group of Kashmiri students studying in Aligarh Muslim University came with the idea of creating their own band. They decided
to start a band because they wanted to give a new shape to Kashmiri folk song.
The band was started with the aim to bring the folk song of Kashmir to trend with a blend of new style music. The band created its first song and successfully launched it.
They completed their first song jam-packed, since the lyrics were totally in Kashmiri that helped in connecting through the Kashmiris so easily and also people of other areas took equal interest. The first song gave such good results and through this song they marked a wonderful beginning. So, their musical career started successfully. This group consisted of students of both gender. Mehmeet was one of a very talented singer of this band. Mehmeet’s entry into Kashmir`s musical band is a landmark, because she was perhaps the first major voice that emerged in the turmoil triggered gloom. And it came at that time when the basics of communication were changing. So she grew along with many others with a changed environment of creativity.

Yawar-Abdaal - Reso-Nation: Voice that touches the heart - NewagekashmirTamana, a song was released by this band on June 2nd 2917, by a 23-year-old Kashmiri musician went viral and people of kashmir were going mad over this song. The video earned over 1 lakh views on different YouTube channels in its first month. Just after the release of Tamana, Abdal uploaded many videos on the internet which he used as a method to measure the response from people. “The response was unbelievable, especially from youths. When it clicked, I thought of releasing a proper music video,” Abdal says.

Aabha hanjura - Reso-Nation: Voice that touches the heart - NewagekashmirAnother very famous song by a very superstar of Reso-nation Aabha Hanjura went viral on internet. Hukus Bukus which was a Kashmiri folk song was sung by Aabha Hanjura with a blend of western music that added a new style and beats to the music.

Internet helped a lot in the growth of this Kashmiri band. It would have never been possible if there were no internet. Reso-nation however, introduced some new
faces which included now popular names, Irfan, Bilal and Mehmeet Sayed.
In fact Mehmeet started the trend of female singers coming on the screen; otherwise, before then the females were restricted to playback singing only. The trio later formed a band and travelled to different cities of the world and participated in concerts besides working hard for their album too.

In 2014, Reso-nation travelled to Los Angeles for their concert, for the song Baa-yaar-ye Lagai and this was for the first time that a local Kashmiri band was invited to USA for concert. The craze for traditional sufi songs almost vanished by that time, this is also due to the fact that the traditional Sufi singers remained aloof from the internet. They performed in mehfils or at Kashmiri radio and on Doordashan. Had there been no internet, Kashmir would not have known many singers who have established themselves outside Kashmir. So, we can say that internet has helped a lot in bringing up the talents of many hidden stars. Internet became a platform for those who were seeking for a perfect platform.

Jaan-Nissar-Lone- Reso-Nation: Voice that touches the heart - Newagekashmir

The reason why the songs of Reso-nation went viral was it had Kashmiri lyrics which could easily connect through the people of Kashmir. Jaan Nissar Lone is one name who became a sensation of Kashmir through the internet. From an affluent Sheeri family in Baramulla. The Kashmiri band, Reso-nation created wonders in no time and it gave an idea to the people who were lost and still were wandering for a platform. After giving so much of hits in Kashmiri we now expect a lot from Reso-nation and we wish it may achieve all the success and endeavors. This band is a sure success inshallah!
Sou AadumWounti Awaraie Khudaya.(The bare-body that had left the Heavens,
That human being is still wandering, My God.)