Meet Bhat Sisters of Kashmir who are making Unique bags for Working Women

Meet Bhat Sisters of Kashmir who are making Unique bags for Working Women

Do you ever connect to a person or a thing just because they belong to the same place as yours?

I do. New Age Kashmir received a message a few days back, sharing with us a piece of very useful information and a beautiful request. It said-
“I am a Kashmiri girl, studying in Mumbai to achieve my dream of becoming a fashion designer. Like every other enthusiastic- passion driven girl, I was looking forward to buying a bag for my internship that would begin as soon as this summer vacation hit the year.
As my window shopping continued, I came across a brand named SHAKA on Amazon App.
And guess what? Shaka turned out to be a brand founded by three Kashmiri women from Anantnag. Anantnag. My home. Can you at your platform, New Age Kashmir” introduce Shaka? It will be an all-time proud feeling for Kashmiris around the globe.”

And we, adhered!

Here are all the details that one needs to know about Shaka

Bhat Sister Shaka jammu and kashmir
SHAKA is co-founded by Kashmiri sisters Shaka, Sipika and Seema Bhat, who belong to Anantnag, Jammu, and Kashmir. They found Shaka in April 2018, meaning that it will complete a year this April. Shaka is a luxury brand that features organizer bags for women which comprise of Corporate bags, All day casual bags, Party slings, Classic totes, Wristlets wallets, etc. The bags are carefully designed and handcrafted for working women.

About the Founders

Shaka, “The Co-Founder and Business Head” is the namesake of the brand. With an ebullient personality, Shaka has had a decade long experience in lifestyle products. She is the designer and the person responsible for the flow of manufacturing. Her keen eyes and unique designing mind has created these gorgeous bags at Shaka that are highly compatible with carrying a large number of things to the workplace and in the day to day life. She is the backbone of the company.

Bhat Sister Shaka jammu and kashmir

Seema is the eldest of the three Bhat sisters, naturally, she is termed as a motherly and helpful figure by the people associated with Shaka. She is based in Canada and is a professional woman who has gone through the struggles faced by upwardly professional women in their daily lives. She serves as the “Co-Founder and Creative Head” of Shaka and takes care of the imagination involved in the making of bags.

Bhat Sister Shaka jammu and kashmir

The youngest of three, Sipika is the Co-Founder and Operation Head of Shaka. Sipika stands for the youthfulness, style, and exuberance of the brand. She is the content writer, social media manager, the operation head and an all-rounder. She fills the team with her dedicated self and sense of purpose of solving the problems of professional women at work.

Bhat Sister Shaka jammu and kashmir

Purpose of Bhat Sisters
All the three sisters came together to bring up Shaka as a brand that would solve the problem of women who face problems due to unorganized bags. Shaka is the answers to all their prayers. The bags at Shaka are designed properly with separate sleeves and attachments for laptop, keys, charger, pen, makeup kit, etc. The bags are made with genuine leather and are designed keeping in mind the need for space that a woman looks for in the bag. Sipika and Seema call Shaka the baby of their middle sister Shaka that all three of them are bringing up together and call it “a bag for women, by women”.

Where can you find bags from SHAKA
With a price range from ₹6,000 to ₹16,000, the bags are available on e-commerce website Amazon ( and the official website of the brand ( Shaka is also looking forward to expanding its offline reach across the top metro cities.

We at New Age Kashmir are glad to have received a message that brought us close to more Kashmiris around. Our team is thankful to the sender (name not included due to privacy policy). If you to have a story to share that would inspire and empower our Kashmiri people then feel free to connect with us via email or Social Media (below are the details).
We wish all the luck to the Bhat sister and hope that their brand Shaka reaches great heights.