Flavors of the ‘Chew n Brew’ food truck from Srinagar

Flavors of the ‘Chew n Brew’ food truck from Srinagar


Your diet is a Bank Account. Good food choices are good investments.” There’s no better feeling than a custom quote printed ‘Chew N Brew (eat-on-the-go)’ food box with delicious food from various cuisines inside!

Put on your running shoes and get ready…run for a reason, run for food as the new moving address for fast food in our city is ‘Chew N Brew’. Don’t be surprised if you are hungry after reading this blog on our wheeled kitchen.

Even just a few years ago the concept of food trucks seemed completely foreign to what it is now. The popularity of trendy food trucks is soaring. But what actually makes it so special? It’s not just the food, its food from a truck!
The popularity of Food trucks is on the rise which has invaded almost every metro in the country and now Srinagar has also joined the great food truck race.

The price of hard work of young management graduate from Wazir Bagh, Srinagar is the ‘Chew N Brew’ food outlet. Sajad Ahmad Bhat has fought his way up from a lower social status working fourteen hours a day yet just managing an income that could only run his family. And as you’ve guessed it, “Big things often have small beginnings.” It is his humble beginning that gave him the determination to nurture his dreams. ‘Chew N Brew’ fast food outlet is outcome of hard work and online research of Sajad Ahmad Bhat. It is the talk of the town. His fruitful idea turned a perfect recipes & delicious meal into a beloved business. The ‘Chew N Brew’ outlet was inaugurated on the banks of Jhelum on May, 2016 and since then it’s just good food out of a truck.

Sajad completed his MBA from Bharatiya Vidyapeeth University (BVP) and had spent some years working and managing a fast food outlet in Pune where he had learnt some basics. The kitchen on wheels (food truck) serves you not just any food or unhygienic food; rather serving some of the best food in the city from various cuisines. With its base kitchen stationed at Jawahar Nagar, ‘Chew N Brew’ uses two destinations at different timings to serve the fellow food lovers. All you greedy guts out there drop the work and quickly take a note of the time and location where the food truck would show up! ‘Chew N Brew’ halts on Jhelum banks on Silk Factory Road from 2 PM to 6.30 PM then swiftly moves to its second spot outside Lal Ded Hospital and remains open till 11 PM.

Four people including Sajad run the mobile food truck that serves delicious madness for the mind!
‘Chew N Brew’ has nine delicious fast food non-veg items on its menu in its first phase. These include tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, fish tikka, fish fry, chicken shawarma, chicken momos, chicken biryani, butter chicken and chicken kanti.
In second phase ‘Chew N Brew’ adds chowmein, fried rice, mutton varieties, vegetable food, Kashmiri kebabs, fresh fruit juices, soft drinks and coffee to its menu.

One chef, one truck and a whole heap of new ideas is enough to bring together the food lovers of the city. Come experience the awesome array of foods!