Rasikh Dar: The New Rising Star from Kashmir

Rasikh Dar: The New Rising Star from Kashmir

In India, Cricket isn’t just a game. Not being a national sport, it is still treated as a religion and the cricketers are considered as Gods. The thrill, madness, passion and the excitement during a match for the cricket lovers is a treat. As much as they would love to watch and play the game; the passion for this sport has generated a plenty of opportunities for the youth in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Our Kashmiri players like Parveez Rasool Zargar, Amir Hussain, Qamran Iqbal, etc have made the Valley proud and are the source of inspiration for the youth to get out of the nutshell and chase their dream. One such Kashmiri Star, Rasikh Dar becomes third Kashmir cricketer to be picked at the auction of upcoming IPL 2019. This 17 year old teenager, managed to steal the limelight with his amazing fast bowling skills. He got shortlisted for the auctions with a base price of INR 20 Lakhs and will represent the team of Mumbai Indians.

Rasikh Dar: The New Rising Star from Kashmir

He hails from a small village in south of Kashmir in Kulgam district. His father, Ab Salam Dar is a teacher by profession and mother is a homemaker. He is the first boy from the district who got selected in IPL. Rasikh had started playing cricket at an early age just like every other kid but who knew he would be able to make his story totally extra ordinary.

He is way ahead from the people of his age group. Last year he tried to play in Jammu and Kashmir under -19 team but was selected. Despite of the failures he never lost faith in his hard work and determination. And of course, his love for the game kept him motivating in his entire journey. Then he made his entry to the Jammu and Kashmir senior team in Vijay Hazare Trophy- a domestic tournament of the country. Then at the time of Under-19 Cooch Behar Trophy, he was spotted by the franchise’s scouts who were impressed by his performance. After that he went through a trail with his fellow fast bowlers, then on the day of auction he got the news that he has been selected by Mumbai Indians.

“I am yet to come to terms [with the selection], so is my family. As an individual, I am very excited and equally happy to be the part of Mumbai Indians’ camp. God willing, if given a chance I will give 100%,” Dar said. “It’s a proud moment for me to play alongside Rohit Sharma and Yuvraj Singh. I am looking forward to learning tidbits from Lasith Malinga. In many ways, he is a treat to watch when it comes to hitting the right line and length.” he added

Rasikh Dar: The New Rising Star from Kashmir

Indian fast bowler, Irfan Pathan identified his talent and saw a star in him. He helped him a lot. They used to practice together for hours which enhanced his skills and made him a better player. Irfan said, “He will surely make it big”. Rasikh also gave credits to the efforts made by J&K coach Milaph.

He is truly an inspiration for youngsters to dream big. Best wishes from the New Age Kashmir for the upcoming tournament. Keep shining and keep making Kashmir proud.

Sahitya Akademi Awards, Sahitya Akademi Awards Jammu and Kashmir 2018, 2018 Sahitya Akademi Awards, Mushtaq Ahmad Mushtaq, Inderjeet Kesar

Sahitya Akademi Award- Winners from Jammu and Kashmir (2018)

Kashmir is a land blessed with rich literary heritage that goes back to many centuries!
Did you know that the use of Kashmiri Language in literature began with the poetry of Lalleshwari, also known as Lal Ded, in the 14th century. Known as Lal Vakhs, her verses are the earliest compositions in the Kashmiri language. Following her footsteps and poetic genre of mystical writing, Kashmir has revered writers like Nund Reshi, who is regarded as the patron saint of Kashmiris today. Over a period of time, writers like Habba Khatun, who is known as the Nightingale of Kashmir, came up with their own writing styles in Koshur language and added aesthetic to the Kashmiri literature.

Sahitya Akademi Awards, Sahitya Akademi Awards Jammu and Kashmir 2018, 2018 Sahitya Akademi Awards, Mushtaq Ahmad Mushtaq, Inderjeet Kesar

It is due to the blessings and inspiration from our classical Kashmiri writers that the valley has given birth to modern and yet traditionally aware writers. And with the advent of modernization and realization for the need to acknowledge the contributions of our talented writers, the Government of India began to address and appreciate its literary treasure through various awards, one of which is the honorable Sahitya Akademi Award.

Sahitya Akademi Award: History

Literature is the reflection of society”. It is exactly why a piece of work must be recognised for its outstanding contribution to the upliftment of Indian Literature and society. Sahitya Akademi Award is thus an literary award, established in 1954 by Sahitya Akademi, Government of India, awarding any Indian literary publishing written in any of the 24 major Indian Languages, including Koshur. It applauds the phenomenal work of different writers on an yearly basis and acknowledges the new trends in literature with changing times. The award comprises of a plaque and a cash prize of ₹100000. The first Kashmiri writer to have been honored with the Award was Zinda Kaul, awarded in 1956, in the genre of Poetry for his book of poetry compilations “Sumran”.

Sahitya Akademi Awards, Sahitya Akademi Awards Jammu and Kashmir 2018, 2018 Sahitya Akademi Awards, Mushtaq Ahmad Mushtaq, Inderjeet Kesar

Click Here for the List of Kashmiri Sahitya Akademi Award Winners

Sahitya Akademi Award- 2018 (Jammu and Kashmir)

Held in December, 2018 Sahitya Akademi Award in Kashmiri Language was honored to short story writer and a significant broadcaster Mushtaq Ahmad Mushtaq (Tantray). The decision to award Mushtaq was approved by the jury of Kashmiri Language 2018, which comprised of veteran writer and broadcaster Avtar Krishan Rehbar, Prof. Shad Ramzan- the former Head of Department at Kashmir University, and prominent poet and broadcaster Ruksana Jabeen.

Mushtaq has been awarded for his book of collection of eighteen short-stories, titled, “AAKH’’ which was published in 2012. The book has been widely appreciated and was awarded “The Best Book” award in Kashmiri language from State Academy of Art, Culture and Languages in the year 2014. Mushtaq is also a well known broadcast journalist who has been honoured with State Award and Akashwani Award as an “Outstanding Media Professional” and is now posted as Head of the Regional News Unit at Radio Kashmir Srinagar.

Sahitya Akademi Awards, Sahitya Akademi Awards Jammu and Kashmir 2018, 2018 Sahitya Akademi Awards, Mushtaq Ahmad Mushtaq, Inderjeet Kesar

It must be noted that, while many writers from the valley were writing and getting acknowledged for their work in Koshur, many other writers from Jammu and Kashmir were being praised for their poems and proses in other Indian Languages.

Another writer from Jammu and Kashmir to be awarded The Sahitya Akademi Award is the famous Dogri writer, Inderjeet Kesar, awarded for his novel “Bhagirath”. The book was approved by Dogri language jury for 2018 that comprised of famous Dogri writers Mohan Singh, Shiv Mehta and Shiv Dev Sushil.

Sahitya Akademi Awards, Sahitya Akademi Awards Jammu and Kashmir 2018, 2018 Sahitya Akademi Awards, Mushtaq Ahmad Mushtaq, Inderjeet Kesar
Inderjeet Kesar, who in 2004 retired from the Secretariat Service as Deputy Secretary, began writing in 1967 and his book “Bhagirath” was published last year. He has so far written 21 books, including 6 novels, 11 poetry, two short stories, one essay and one devotional song. With his efforts and dedication, Dogri literature has travelled a long way and is recognised widely around the nation.

A big congratulations to Mushtaq Ahmad and Inderjeet Kesar for their achievements from New Age Kashmir. They both are an inspiration for all our aspiring young writers and students of literature in the valley. With their writings and recognition, may they continue to unravel the changes in society, providing the existing ones a place in history and offering a medium to peak back for coming generations.

Nadia Nighat- First Women Football coach from Jammu and Kashmir

Nadia Nighat- First Women Football coach from Jammu and Kashmir

Eighteen years into twenty first century, Football is still considered a domain game for men in most parts of world, and Jammu and Kashmir being no exception. But as Lionel Messi, the inspirational footballer says, “You can overcome anything, if and only if you love something enough”, the new age of Kashmir has turned a page in the history of the valley and set great examples through their passion and determination for higher goals.
With continuous blooming opportunities and equal hardwork of our youth, we have seen inspiring examples like Afshan Ashiq, who was once a stone pelter is now the captain of women’s football team of J & K. She is proof of a change that is headed to a better tomorrow.

Defying the odds, Nadia Nighat has become the first women football coach from Jammu and Kashmir. She is a motivation for the generations to come and is recently in news for her achievement of being placed as a football coach Maharashtra.

Nadia Nighat- First Women Football coach from Jammu and Kashmir

But, the road to success for our champion was not always smooth as butter. Nadia began her journey as a young girl with dreams to make a career in football. As a child, Nadia’s interest in the game initiated as she watched boys in her neighbourhood play football with utter passion. She was not only scolded but also asked to quit playing the game by her parents.
But her interest had busted the fear of an unstable career in the hearts of her parents due to the existing stereotypes related to a woman playing the domain game of men. Nonetheless, her confidence and will power won over every barrier. She participated in a national football tournament in 2007 and has been unstoppable since then. Along with her studies, Nadia managed to join training sessions at a local college, namely Amar Singh College Academy. She later trained with Jammu and Kashmir Football Association (JKFA). The academy has a history of producing talented footballers and was also the turning point for Nadia’s life.

Finally after ten long years of struggle, Nadia at the age of 19, set up her own Football Academy at Rambagh area of the Srinagar district, where she used to train both boys and girls every evening. With 30 Nationals and State Level awards, Nadia enthusiastically ran her academy and trained more than 30 aspirants including three girls.

Nadia Nighat- First Women Football coach from Jammu and Kashmir

Nadia has not only brought a change in the mentality of people that male trainers are better than female trainers but she has also motivated other girls to participate more openly in the game. Jammu and Kashmir sports council are in awe of her, they say, “She is very talented and gives lessons on how to trickle and tackle the situations in the game.”

Nadia Nighat- First Women Football coach from Jammu and Kashmir

Today, with a ‘C’ license to teach football, Nadia is the head coach of the U-13 boys’ team of Thanes, Maharashtra. She also plan to coach U-15 and U-18 teams in the coming future.

An avid fan of footballers Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo, Nadia has proved that people of Jammu and Kashmir might have seen the blues of past and currently existing stereotypes, but there is no denying the spirit and enthusiasm of our youth. In a respectable interview with ANI, Nadia has sent her message for the children of the valley, saying, “I appeal to everyone to follow their dreams and achieve their goals. Do not consider football a man’s game. Parents should allow their children, whatever they want to pursue in their career,”
We wish her lots of love and luck for the adventures to come. More Power to you Nadia Nighat!!

Ufra Mir: First Peace Psychologist in Kashmir

Ufra Mir: First Peace Psychologist in Kashmir

“When I look at the world I’m pessimistic, but when I look at people I am optimistic.” -Carl Roger


Carl Roger, here, is trying to portray the state of the world. Our Social Media feeds are filled mostly with a constant influx of stories that focus on arguments and strife, making the world seems like a terrible place to live. But if we start focusing on individuals, we would experience a positive and realistic view of the world. Everyone is fighting a battle of their own that no one knows. And psychology helps us to have a deep understanding of the people, their behavior and mindsets. One Such psychologist who helps the women of the Kashmir to find peace and have optimistic approach towards life is none other than UFRA MIR. She is Kashmir’s first peace psychologist so far and has done amazing work for the valley.


Ufra Mir: First Peace Psychologist in Kashmir


Peace Psychology is not a well known stream of psychology. It’s a type of psychology that focuses on mitigating the effects of conflict on society and developing ways to promote Peace. Not only this, but also she is a social entrepreneur and a scholar-activist. A graduate of Luther College (USA) and a double degree from the University of Nottingham (UK) has made possible for her to have a contact with organizations like US Department of peace. Ufra was born and brought up in Kashmir. She always wanted to do something impactful for the people and for the place. Choosing this field of study, was a first step towards the positive change. She said she helped people by transforming their pain into creative expression via art. People who are dealing with the problems of life think that they will attain peace after they have had solved them. However, peace comes along the with process of finding solution. That’s why she feels peace is a process not a product. Using the experience of her struggle, she has developed youth-health peace initiative over the past four years. She designed it in such a way that this initiative has to offer many peacebuilding skills and training workshops to Kashmiri youth so that they empower socially, emotionally and psychologically.



In this process, an international nonprofit initiative that is Paigaam, grew. This helped not only the Kashmiris but also the people around the world.Some of her Achievements are:-

-The first Kashmiri to attend UWC International Council.

-The First Kashmiri to get selected for the Swedish Institute Young Connectors for Future Fellowship

-Nominated for ACR International Outstanding Leadership Award, ElHibri Peace Education Prize, Hawkinson Peace & Justice Scholarship Award

Ufra Mir is a perfect example of ‘Service before Self’. She has selflessly worked for the people of Kashmir. And we, at the New Age Kashmir, appreciate and wish her success for the future for the valuable work.

Dr. Mubeena Ramzan: First Kashmiri woman to feature among world’s 500 most influential Muslims

“Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, She stands ups for all women” -Maya Angelou


They say when women support each other, incredible things happen. And one such incredible thing just happened in our land of paradise; Dr. Mubeena Ramzan became the first Kashmiri women to feature among world’s 500 most influential Muslims. The above quote is absolutely true for her; she gave life to the quoted words.


Dr. Mubeena Ramzan created history and is truly inspiring for all the women in Kashmir. She was born in Sopore in district Baramulla and did her initial schooling from Islamia High School, Baramulla. There, she was taught Islamiyat, Arabic and Hindi which helped her to broaden her thought process. She also has a Bachelor’s degree in Islamic Studies and after that she completed my B.Ed, Masters degree and Research from University of Kashmir (KU). As a scholar, her research on Kashmiri Society and its social evils made her realise she must do something to mitigate the crisis. And that’s when the idea of quitting lectureship came up. She then started Jamia Islamia Mahdul Muslimat under the aegis of Mahdul Muslimat Educational Trust in 2002. She has come a long way from a rented building in Sopore to purchase a land and built a proper girls-only seminary-cum-skill school.


She is a firm believer of ‘Empowered women empower women’ and real empowerment comes from imparting education and skills. This is the main objective she wanted to inculcating education with Islamic integration and imparting skills among women which will boost their confidence to face different realities of life. She had realised that women need to be aware why education is important and how it can help them to remove injustice and inequalities. Empowerment acts as a powerful tool especially for women to break the barriers that are made by the society. And the school that she has started is the perfect place to make it happen. Besides the teaching of religious text the school imparts worldly education too. In 2013, Dr. Muneeba called a meet of women from different walks of the life where they all decided to have some welfare initiatives and after a year in March 2014 “Ansar-un-Nissa” formed.  This welfare body aimed to help the needy, would-be brides, widows, orphans, etc. This is one of the most remarkable work she has ever done.

The road to success is not a bed of roses, there are many challenges that she faced. She was opposed by so-called Moulvis for starting girls only style institute called Madrassa as it was destroying their ego that how a female can run a Madrassa. But all thanks to efforts now their perception has changed.

She has left no stone unturned to have a balanced approach where woman and man both would take care of their roles and responsibilities. We salute this lady for her outstanding contribution for our valley and inspiring all the young girls and women of Kashmir.


Jabeena Akhter, Jammu and Kashmir's first female wushu champion, wushu in jammu and kashmir, jammu and kashmir, wushu champion, women in wushu, women empowerment in jammu and kashmir

Jabeena Akhter: The Personification of Women Empowerment in Jammu and Kashmir

Over a period of time, women and girls in our beautiful Jammu and Kashmir have been able to witness and experience the joy of playing in a team or achieving a personal best in sports. Women like Ankita Raina and Afshan Ashiq have proved that their background, however troublesome, is in the past is not a hindrance for their future. And young girls like Tajammul Islam have proved that no matter the age, gender or background- sports are a medium of empowerment for everyone. Women and girlsa like them have made females performing in sports a common sight. Their achievements give us a chance to celebrate the rising number of females players in all the sports.


Meet and Greet Jabeena Akhter- Kashmir’s first female Wushu Champion

Jabeena Akhter, Jammu and Kashmir's first female wushu champion, wushu in jammu and kashmir, jammu and kashmir, wushu champion, women in wushu, women empowerment in jammu and kashmir

Let us all celebrate the achievements of Kashmir’s first female Wushu Champion, JABEENA AKHTER. Though, Jabeena grew up in an environment which restrains girls from dreaming big but the fierce player knew no boundaries. She is a bronze medallist in the Wushu International Championship, held in Armenia last year (2017) making her the first Kashmiri woman champion in this form of martial art. Jabeena’s preferred martial art form is popularly known as Chinese Kungfu and is a full contact sport.



Inspiration for a career in Wushu

Jabeena Akhter, Jammu and Kashmir's first female wushu champion, wushu in jammu and kashmir, jammu and kashmir, wushu champion, women in wushu, women empowerment in jammu and kashmir


Jabeena began her career with playing cricket but chose Wushu as her profession. Why?

She says that she plays cricket because she loves it, and on the other hand, after taking inspiration from wrestler Geeta Phogat, she found a driving passion towards Wushu. For Jabeena, Wushu is a game of power, strength and flexibility, and most precisely, a way to make one (especially girls) safe.

She started playing in 2007 and made her way through the state, national and then to the international level competitions.

Jabeena Akhter, Jammu and Kashmir's first female wushu champion, wushu in jammu and kashmir, jammu and kashmir, wushu champion, women in wushu, women empowerment in jammu and kashmir


Jabeena as a coach

Jabeena Akhter, Jammu and Kashmir's first female wushu champion, wushu in jammu and kashmir, jammu and kashmir, wushu champion, women in wushu, women empowerment in jammu and kashmir


Akhter hails from a small village Qazipora at Tangmarg district of Baramulla and is the General Secretary of Wushu Association in Baramulla district. She’d set up this academy with the idea to make girls strong and give them a safer environment. Jabeena loves serving as a coach to a game she is highly passionate about. Her initiative has introduced the benefits of the game to girls. It has improved the number of girl participants in Wushu which was comparatively low earlier. At her Wushu Academy, girls train in a strengthening environment which was a big challenge at other sports academies of Jammu and Kashmir.

Jabeena Akhter, Jammu and Kashmir's first female wushu champion, wushu in jammu and kashmir, jammu and kashmir, wushu champion, women in wushu, women empowerment in jammu and kashmir


However, the biggest challenge as a coach is to overcome social barriers and financial crunches. She confesses to have not been able to participate in Hong Kong in 2017 due to financial issues. But it did not break her. She says that her priority is not only to succeed but also so to depart as much knowledge about the game as she can.

Jabeena Akhter, Jammu and Kashmir's first female wushu champion, wushu in jammu and kashmir, jammu and kashmir, wushu champion, women in wushu, women empowerment in jammu and kashmir


Jabeena is currently working hard for the International Wushu Championship next year, slated to be held in China later in November. We at New Age Kashmir wish her all the luck and hope that the state will look into the financial matters of her academy which will ultimately help her perform well in her personal performances. We are proud of her valour to face the odds and inspire more girls to take up wushu as a career. Jabeena Akhter is the personification of empowerment for the girls of Jammu and Kashmir and a big reason of pride for the country. Kudos to her!

Isha Sharma: New Age of Taekwondo in Jammu and Kashmir

New Age of Taekwondo in Jammu and Kashmir

“One of the greatest gifts of the martial arts is that they ultimately guide us to new levels of spirituality.”Joseph Cardillo

Many sports have gained popularity in Jammu & Kashmir recently. It is not just restricted to only fun, but also creates a feeling of passion and determination and help to grow as an individual. One or the other Kashmiri youth is in the headlines always and making the entire nation proud on National and International platforms. Champions like Roopali S, Shivani Charak,etc. have risen in flourishing colors with the flowing spirit of sports in Jammu and Kashmir. Keeping the fame and game on in Cricket, Table Tennis, Football and Basketball, youth is creating their names in Martial Arts also. It is much more than a sport and its benefits are numerously improving the physical and mental health. Especially for girls, it creates a feeling of self-dependence in them.

To promote Martial Arts, Our Army organizes Kashmir Taekwondo Championships every year. Players from districts like Bandipora, Srinagar, and Baramulla participated voluntarily and showed their talent. It is so motivating to see that people actually understand the importance of sports and are encouraging each other.


Many champions from Kashmir have created history in Taekwondo. Atul Pangotra, A Taekwondo Coach has led Indian Taekwondo team in 18th Asian Games 2018 Jakarta, Indonesia. He is the only Indian who is a core member of Asian Taekwondo Union, Asian Taekwondo Poomsae committee and Referee Chairman Taekwondo Federation of India and Vice Chairman Poomsae Committee.  He is the first official of Taekwondo from Jammu and Kashmir who participated in Asian games also.

Isha Sharma: New Age of Taekwondo in Jammu and Kashmir

Inspired from him, recently our Kashmiri girl, Isha Sharma became the first girl to won bronze medal at National Level Taekwondo Championship organized by Bharati Vidya  Sansthan at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh A class 10th student from a village name Dhanori, Udhampur District has made the whole state proud. Isha hailed from the economically weak background but she never gave up on her dreams.  She fought with all the odds and made her way. Being a topper in academics also she has equally balanced her sports and academic life. Her parents and teachers are so proud of her and she gave all the credits of her success to them only.

Isha Sharma: New Age of Taekwondo in Jammu and Kashmir

When asked how she felt after this achievement, she replied, “I am very happy to attain such success in a national level event. Whatever I have achieved so far is just because of my family’s constant support. Though my families is not well of still my father, who is only a driver by profession and my mother never discouraged me to take up Taekwondo as a player. In fact, they always encouraged me to excel in the game.”


We at New Age Kashmir congratulate our rising taekwondo star, Isha Sharma, for her first-hand victory. This is just the beginning of a bright future ahead. May more children inspire from her passion and work towards achieving their dreams.

Shivani Charak: The Journey to Success

Jammu and Kashmir along with its beauty is a place of hardships as well. It is beyond arguable that life is a little hard in here as compared to the rest of our country. Children are thus naturally headstrong and strong-willed here because they know that Hard Work is the Key to Success. Every day we are amazed by the achievements of our youth, their valor and strength to fight the odds and win the hearts of millions. We have had inspirations like Nadiya Nighat (J & K’s first female football coach), Iqra Rasool (the brave woman cricketer), Irtiqa Ayoub (the senior Rugby Player), Tajamul Islam (the kickboxing champ), and many more that it is truly hard to keep count of.

One such youngster among our rising champions is Shivani Charak, the golden sport climber of Jammu and Kashmir.


17 year old Shivani belongs to the humble town of Dharmal in Jammu. She is currently a student of Senior high school (Class 12th). In the initial stages of her career as a climber, Shivani battled with cancer, however it did not stop her from continuing to pursue her dream of becoming a renowned climber. She pays due credit to her coach at Shining Star Academy for his continuous support in shaping her to reach where she is today.


 Shivani Charak, climbers of Jammu and Kashmir, climber. boulderiong, shivani cliumber, jammu and kashmir


Journey of a climber within Shivani

Sport Climbing is a form of rock climbing that relies on permanent anchors fixed to the rock for protection. It has seen a transition from requiring physical strength to needing more of logical thinking. When climbing a wall or a rock, one has to be tactical and efficient. In this light, Shivani has gained her confidence through hard training and continuous practice. Having full support from her family, she practiced with other climbing aspirants and her coach in a school, the only one in Jammu and Kashmir that has a 40 feet tall wall to practice climbing. And with time, she achieved one goal at a time, climbing the stairs to success one by one.


Shivani Charak, climbers of Jammu and Kashmir, climber. boulderiong, shivani cliumber, jammu and kashmir


Achievements so far

  1. In the year 2015 she became the National Champion in Speed climbing besides winning a bronze medal in Bouldering.
  2. In 2016 & 2017, Shivani won 7 Gold & 4 Silver medals in North Zone and National competitions. (She was sent to Switzerland, Italy and Slovenia for training after her achievements in the above years.)
  3. In the beginning of 2018, Shivani was chosen by Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF), New Delhi, to represent India in 18th Asian Games to be held at Jakarta-Palembang in Indonesia in September, where she achieved the 11th spot.
  4. She was then selected by IMF for representing the country in the forthcoming Asian Youth Championship to be held at Chongqing in China from 1st to 4th November, 2018 where she secured 9th rank.

Shivani Charak, climbers of Jammu and Kashmir, climber. boulderiong, shivani cliumber, jammu and kashmir, imf, mountaneering

It is eminent to mention that Shivani has been improving her game with every competition. She accepts her results like a challenge and work harder the next time. Her progress can be termed as a pre Olympic preparation. And good performance in these competition will facilitate Shivani’s selection for the Olympic Games to be held in Japan in April, 2020.


Shivani Charak, climbers of Jammu and Kashmir, climber. boulderiong, shivani cliumber, jammu and kashmir, imf, mountaneering


“In an interview with JK Media, Jammu & Kashmir, Shivani mentions that it would be much relevant for aspiring and struggling climbers of the state if a wall was to be built by the authorities. She says that it becomes hard for her and others to travel to Delhi for practice as continuous travelling hinders with their studies. If Jammu & Kashmir is to have a  professional climbing wall of its own, it would be better for them and the upcoming generation of sport climbers.”


Shivani Charak has internationally made a mark on the sport of Climbing & Bouldering. Facing various challenges in all her competitions has improved her game and increased her confidence. At New Age Kashmir, we salute her strength and hard work and hope she inspires more girls to participate in climbing, a sport generally stereotyped to be a male’s domain. We wish her lots of luck and power to continue breaking stereotypes, working hard to achieve big and make India prouder by achieving a place in Olympics 20’.

Fame & Game: Women for cricket in Kashmir

‘Breaking the glass ceiling’ is not just a phrase but it also implies breaking the barriers and moving out of your comfort zone. It takes lots of efforts and courage to step outside the certain norms that have been set by society, especially for women, to follow their dreams.

One such Ideal example is of Roopali Slathia, first woman cricket coach of Jammu & Kashmir who has completed the level- B course organized by BCCI.  A co-author of the book ‘Rising spell in Women’s Cricket’ and a doctorate in Philosophy, Slathia is coming with flying colors in every field.

Though we can’t ignore the fact it is definitely not easy for a girl with the cricket bat in her hand and moves out alone. But if you have a supportive father like hers, who always encourage chasing your ambitions, what else do you need?! Sports directly or indirectly help you to grow as a person, teach you proper discipline, freedom of expression and increase your self-esteem. It takes a lot of guts for a female to choose sports as a career option due to the stereotype associated with it.

Roopali, at the age of 14, started playing cricket in 1996, the time when the concept of Women Cricket was not that popular. But she has already made her mind and was ready to take all the challenges that come with Not-So-traditional career choices. In the early stage of her career, facilities like the infrastructure, playing grounds and coaching were not up to the mark. There were hardly two centers at that time. But slowly things improved, post her selection for the sub-junior national game. She joined NIS Cricket Academy and completed her diploma in Sports Coaching in 2006. She played till 2010. In her 15 years long career, she got selected twice for the India camp; also she had played a number of zonal matches. One of the biggest achievement was her 10 years of Captaincy for the Jammu and Kashmir team.

Roopali Slathia in Kashmir cricket player.

Then she decided to step into professional coaching in 2011, she wanted to help the youth of the Kashmir and guide them through the way. She started working with Jammu and Kashmir cricket association with the ultimate goal is to take the team to a certain level where the entire country will be proud. She emerged as a catalyst for many youngsters and truly an inspiration for all who dream big. When asked what is cricket for you, she replied, “Cricket, for me, is oxygen.  When I enter the cricket field my energy doubles.” She also believes that the love for the sport sooner or later will get you the results.  You just need to get out your comfort zone to make that dream turn into reality.


Our Kashmir is undoubtedly the land of talent and people are promoting the youth of the Valley. They are making our country proud in every way and in every field possible. On the way to success, there are a lot of ups and downs, but giving up is never the option.

Fame & Game: Cricket in Kashmir

One game that most of us have played during our childhood has to be Gully-Cricket or Bat-Ball, (how we used to define it). Do you remember the times when in the arms of nature, sun-kissed trees and snow peaked mountains, everything that was flat and long became a bat and everything round became a ball? Well, you feel me my friend. We all have to agree that Cricket is a game which is not just played but celebrated in our country. Although most of us enjoy watching and playing the game, this is hard fact that a very few have made to fame in this field.  Let’s not leave behind the names who have marked their presence in the fame and have made Jammu and Kashmir proud.


Cricket in Jammu and Kashmir


cricket in jammu and kashmir, cricket in kashmir, parvez rasool, manzoor dra, umar nazir, jammu and kashmir


The Cricket team of the state participated first in 1959-60 in Ranji Trophy and it was in 1970 that Jammu and Kashmir Cricket Association (JKCA) was formed. Since then, our players like Parvez Rasool, who is the present captain of Jammu and Kashmir Cricket team and an all-rounder cricketer Indian Cricket Team since 2014; Mithun Manhas, who has consistently been an all-rounder cricketer of the state, played in IPL and is now the assistant coach of Indian Premier League side Kings XI Punjab; Abid Nazi, who is considered as one of the fastest bowlers in India; etc., have inspired our youth to participate more openly and wilfully in the game.


Contribution of our Coaches


sunil joshi, cricket in jammu and kashmir, cricket in kashmir, parvez rasool, manzoor dra, umar nazir, jammu and kashmir


In the success stories of these players, our coaches and mentors of Jammu and Kashmir Cricket team remain a constant source of fuelling the spirit of our cricketers. Young or old, every player buds under a right coach and his visionary guidance. Sunil Joshi, an Indian cricketer and coach, who has been coaching Jammu and Kashmir cricket team since 2014, is a game changer for cricket in Kashmir. The team has tasted many victories under his guidance, the earliest of them was beating the Ranji giants- “Mumbai cricket team”, in the prelim rounds of Ranji Trophy in 2014/15.


Kudos to Irfan Pathan

cricket in jammu and kashmir, cricket in kashmir, parvez rasool, manzoor dra, umar nazir, jammu and kashmir


Recently, Irfan Pathan was appointed as the mentor cum coach of the Jammu and Kashmir Cricket team. The all-rounder cricketer of Indian National team has since then inspired and helped our players sense an overall development in the game. While devoting his time to the Senior Cricket Team, he did not forget to involve with the young cricketers of the state. In June and July, he went on a selection spree of young cricketers in Kashmir and Jammu respectively. With his constant mentoring and regular support of Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) to the Jammu and Kashmir Cricket Association our fresh players have begun to make histories at higher level.


New Buds in The Field

Manzoor Dar is the only selected player from Jammu and Kashmir who played in this year’s Indian Premier League (IPL) . He has been selected by Kings XI Punjab for his hard-hitting batsmanship.


cricket in jammu and kashmir, cricket in kashmir, parvez rasool, manzoor dra, umar nazir, jammu and kashmir


Umar Nazir, one of the fastest bowlers of Jammu and Kashmir, has been included in the India-C squad for Deodhar Trophy tournament.


cricket in jammu and kashmir, cricket in kashmir, parvez rasool, manzoor dra, umar nazir, jammu and kashmir


The success stories of Dar & Nazir are apt examples of how right guidance, hard- work, passion and the spirit of sport can change lives. The influential people of Jammu and Kashmir did not forget to congratulate our new achievers for their success:




The continuous efforts of the JKCA to instil the spirit of sports in the youth has turned out to be a blessing for our new generation, especially our budding cricket aspirants. All of us are thankful to the contributions of BCCI and Mentor Irfan Khan’s efforts. The evident growth of our players gives us a vision of higher pedestal in cricket for all our aspiring cricketers in future.