Iqra Rasool-Kashmir’s New Cricket Sensation

“First they ignore you,
Then they laugh at you,
Then they fight you,
Then you win.”

In a world that continues to see ‘ambition’ as a character flaw in women, the real life story of a confident, ambitious, better skilled and ready to take the world by storm, young sisters, Geeta (Fatima) and Babita Phogat’s (Sana), ‘Dangal’ offered a lot of surprises which was both inspiring and entertaining.
Breaking the taboo of Indian women participating in a sport considered to be dominated by men, just like the Phogat sisters, our very own Iqra Rasool from Baramullah district is quite a match for boys in cricket Dangal.

Seventeen year old Iqra Rasool was born into an ordinary family with an extra-ordinary dream. Her dream is to lead the Indian National Women’s Team at an International arena besides meeting the captain of Indian Cricket Team, Virat Kohli. She had learnt how to bat by just watching the captain. She had also written many letters to Virat asking him for guidance, which to her great disappointment were never delivered.

Baramulla’s ‘super girl’ looked doubters and setbacks straight in the eye and started living the life of her dreams. But life so far hasn’t really been a cake-walk for her.
Success is due
 less to ability than to zeal.
Iqra’s zeal was so big that she used to go to practice by hiding her cricket gear under her pheran (Kashmiri dress), as the conservative society stood in the way of her ambition.

It was never easy for Iqra to play cricket in a society that tends to resist change. She faced social pressures from family, her friend circle, but she passed all tests with her fierce will-power and dedication. The 17-year-old relocated to West Bengal to explore more opportunities which could bring her closer to her ambitions. At present, she is aspiring to play for Bengal.

A two-storey building in the dusty congested lanes of Kashmir is where Iqra dreamed of playing in the international arena. Her room mirrors many memories of struggles in the form of medals and certificates.
She had represented Jammu & Kashmir at the U-19 and U-23 level.

Right from my childhood, I played cricket with both boys and girls. But I want to lead my team to a victory. I’ve played volleyball and handball, but my first and last love is cricket and my dream is to lead the Indian National Team in an international arena,” said Iqra Rasool.

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At a time when young girls flaunt their bangles and toys collection, Iqra started dreaming of cricket ball and stumps.
There was a time when everyone thought sports was a man’s property, but today Iqra is proving everybody wrong. The young girl has won lots of medals, applause and most importantly hearts.

NewAge Kashmir wishes that the road ahead for Iqra is filled with multiple opportunities and she turns them into a sky high success story.

Three girls from the Kashmir who shine in Taekwondo, china

The Kashmir valley region is famous for its picturesque natural beauty, this land is filled with natural beauty but it does not end here.

Kashmir is way above than nature and its beauty. Since Kashmir is our talk how can we forget to discuss about the recent achievement of Kashmir in China. Recently, three girls from Kashmir won millions of heart by giving a thunder shot performance in Macau open Taekwondo championship in china. After such a major win in China India is really celebrating and these girls have become a common name on every Kashmiri`s mouth.

What is Taekwondo?

A game which has now become a necessity for self-defence was originated in Korea. This game has a strong history and it’s one of the oldest form of Martial art. This game got its name by the way it is practiced. Tae is foot, Kwon means hand and Do means art which literally means the way of foot and fist.

Taekwondo started in Kashmir at a very low level and it took a lot of efforts to make the people aware about the benefits from this sport. But once it made its reach to people they started taking interest in it and girls were pushed forward to learn Taekwondo. Many Taekwondo training classes started in Kashmir to empower girls. This showed really good impact and brought laurels to the valley. We feel really proud in saying that this valley indeed is filled with many talented people which is taking our country to another level.

Gems of Taekwondo from Kashmir

Three girls from the valley shine in the Taekwondo in China and made the name of nation internationally. Hearts were filled with pride of those parents who saw their daughters making the nation proud. Well, definitely its time to shout out loud for these super talented girls.

Manar Mushtaq, Momina Manzoor and Mehsoon Fatima these are the three names that created sensation in Taekwondo, China. Well, age is just a number if we are talking about these girls. Manar Mushtaq is studying in class 4th and she is completely dedicated to make a future in this sport. A class 4th girl has done miracle and became so famous at a very small age. While at the same time Momina Manzoor is also an amazing kid, she is a student of Doon International School. She is also just in standard 7th and she is also a dedicated Taekwondo player. Mehsoon Fatima who hails from Leh is also a student of Doon International School and she is born player. She has a lot of interest in football, basketball and cricket also she has been into sports since her childhood. Manar Mushtaq and Mehsoon Fatima bagged silver in Taekwondo in china. While on the other hand Momina Manzoor also received award at this event. Coming from average background they showed the world that you need dedication and a lot of hard work to build and bring out the best person from you. It was not an easy task but they accepted the challenge and proved that nothing is impossible if your will power is strong. Parents of these girls are the real heroes who supported their child without letting a hurdle come into the ways of their daughter.

They fulfilled the dream of their daughters as if it was theirs. Today the whole country is inspired by these kids who did wonders and they surely going to create more wonders in future. We really wish them all the success!