Champions of the Valley

Kashmir, a land which is mostly known for its colossal scenic beauty, landscapes, handicrafts and unique goods, is now making headlines every other day because of its uprising stupendous talent in different fields.
Here, we are going to talk about two Kashmiri kids,  Arwa Imtiyaz and Hasim Manzoor, who have achieved a recognition at national and international level.  Let’s walk you through their success story which is the talk of the town.

Arwa Imtiyaz: – Arwa Imtiyaz, a 15-year old girl hailing from Srinagar, Jammu, and Kashmir is a voice for many people who cannot hear or speak. This class 10th student plays a crucial role of translator for over 300 sportspeople.  Arwa`s mother and brother cannot hear or speak.  Since her childhood she had observed the discrimination faced by her family members and other dumb and deaf people, hence she decided to help them.

She came in contact with sports people who are deaf and dumb because of her brother, who is a badminton player. Since she knew the sign language, she decided to bring a change in society.  She became the voice of voiceless not for money. As quoted in an interview with Awra, “Money is not all to me but I want to help people like my mother, maternal uncle, and aunt, who cannot speak. My mother Rehana can’t speak or hear”.
Waheed Ur Rehman Parra,has appreciated Arwa’s inspirational efforts. In the age where teenagers have little idea about the life, Arwa’s has carved her way by helping others.

Hasim Manzoor: – As they say that age does not matter, we would like to introduce Hasim Manjoor, a seven -year -old resident of Bandipora, Kashmir who clinched gold at Asian Youth Karate Championship (AYKC), held in New Delhi. He won the gold medal in the sub-junior category (below25kg) after defeating his Sri Lankan opponent in the finale.

Before qualifying to finals he defeated his Bhutanese and Malaysian opponents to bag a gold for the country.
At this tender age when a kid hardly knows the meaning of hard work, Hasim with his hard work and passion has shown outstanding performance at an international level. He is definitely among some extraordinary kids.
Time and again Kashmir proves that this place is just not about tourism and handicrafts but also about the hard work and passion to Jammu and Kashmir at national and International platforms and make the whole nation are proud of it.  Earlier 8- year- old Tajjamul Islam had become the first Indian player to clinch a gold medal in the sub-junior category at the world kickboxing championship.

New Kashmir wishes a great journey ahead for these super talented kids.

10 things why Pahalgam winter festival is a must go

As winter comes with a bunch of festival and surprises. Jammu & Kashmir tourism recently brought everyone`s very favourite Pahalgam winter festival on 17th and 18th February. The colours and joy of Pahalgam winter festival took everyone`s eye. Here are the 10 thing why Pahalgam winter festival is a must go,

1.)  Beauty: – Like every year this year also a two-day winter carnival was organised in Pahalgam for celebrating winters and beauty of Kashmir. For all those who just missed out this amazing winter carnival, make a plan for the next year`s winter festival. It is a must go place.


2.)   Kashmiri art:- This year special focus was made to the different art forms of Kashmir. People from around the country attended the festival. The colourful and quirky Kashmiri art made a major attraction to the tourists. Art lovers, this is a must go place to treat your eyes with different Kashmiri art form.


3.)   Food: – The mouth-watering Kashmiri delicacies would force the foodie inside you to plan for the winter carnival in Kashmir. Each and every cuisine of Kashmir has a uniqueness in it. Food lovers from different places attended this festival. Wazwaan, Noon-chai, Mutton Rogan josh, Kashmiri pulao and many other foods were on the list. Top Kashmiri chefs presented their foods at their respective food stalls.


4.)   Kashmiri folk music: – We cannot deny the fact that Kashmiri folk music is rich in itself. Kashmiri folk music has a different style which is perfectly magical. Its culture Kashmiri folk music would be the suitable option.


5.)   Picture exhibition: – Within a decade Kashmir has evolved in various ways, photography is one of them. Kashmir`s picturesque is captured by various photographers or in many paintings. Many renowned Kashmiri photographers like Aamir Wani (#Kashmirthroughmylens) also presented their picture in the exhibition. Picture exhibition part took everyone`s attention during this winter festival. The creativity of Kashmiri artists was presented here.


6.)   Music and comedy show: – Many artists from Kashmir and even outside of Kashmir came to perform at this two-day event.  Performances by great singers and comedians made the event more beautiful and huge.


7.)   The feel of riding a Tonga: – Tonga ride which is everyone`s favourite was also arranged during this festival. The joy of Tonga ride made everyone crazy about this winter carnival. Tonga ride was adding the vintage flavour to the whole event. This part of the festival decorated the whole event.


8.)   Earthen pots:- The trend of earthen pots in Kashmir is from the ancient time. They got the feel of the village at the same time in this carnival. These earthen pots looked very attractive where most of the people could easily relate to it and felt nostalgic.


9.)   Skiing: – One thing for which people are mad about is skiing in Kashmir. The only place in India that offers the best skiing is in Pahalgam, Kashmir. Many tourists from around the world attended this festival to ski.


  10.) Experience the Village life around Pahalgam:- People just couldn`t get enough of this winter festival. They revisited their own culture, the beauty of Pahalgam village and fell for it over and again. The unbelievable crowd was gathered to create their best experience in the beautiful village of Kashmir. 

Mark your calendar for the upcoming 2k19 Pahalgam winter carnival if you missed out this year!