Trendsetters from Kashmir

Today let’s introduce you to some Kashmiri youths, who spotted/started new trends early on and decided to spread their ideas and lead the way. The scenario of Kashmir has changed completely in around a decade. The youths of Kashmir are setting trends in various domains and are making an impact in the valley as well as in the country. Here are some #Trendsetters from Kashmir who proved nothing is impossible for them. The term #Trendsetter basically refers to a person or a group who leads the way in any idea. When a combination of creativity and imagination bring a new change in the way and lifestyle, they are considered to be the trendsetter.
1.) Jajeer talkies: – Jajeer talkies, established in 2015, is a trendsetter in the world of Kashmiri humour. It is Kashmir`s first comedy group which was cofounded by talented Shoaib, Aahmed Hussain and Faheem Firdous Quereshi. It is a registered media publishing and entertainment brand. They have huge fan following on Social Media Platforms as their scripts are full of wit and humor. After Jajeer talkies many group of comedians flourished out of the valley and we hope and wish them all a great journey ahead.
2.) Kashmirthroughmylens: – Aamir Wani, a Kashmiri photographer and poet has made his way through his pictures. Kashmirthroughmylens, a popular page on Instagram captures the beauty of Kashmir in a never seen before Kashmir. His beautiful imagery with the perfect combination of his words will make you sit and adore them. The way he captures the beauty of the valley through his lens is worth praising. His pictures loudly and clearly speaks of his dedication, passion and love for photography.Kashmirthroughmylens is the #Trendsetter from Kashmir and has taken photography to another level. Many photographers from the valley who were passionate about this profession have started their own page on Instagram now. It’s a must follow page if you are nature`s lover and art lover.
3.) Parsa`s café: – Café is usually a small and informal place serving refreshment, but in modern times this term has broadened its type and now we can see varieties of café which are fascinating. Parsa`s café is one such fascinating café started by Javid Parsa in 2014. He tied up with a lesser known Kathi junction fast food franchise which outperformed by the year 2016. Javid has a strong dedication for his work, a Kathi junction food project became Parsa`s café. He was a motivation to his friends and he guided them at each step and they together became the #Trendsetter. He is micro influencer on social media.
As we come to the end of our article, we promise our readers that New Age Kashmir will very soon come up with more such inspiring people who set a new trend in the valley. We at New Age Kashmir wish each of the change makers a happy and successful journey ahead.

Iram and Jaffar- The Real faces of creativity.

As the curtains fall on 2017, it would not be too far off the mark to mention that it has been a complete eventful year for the valley as whole. From Innovative technological developments to creative developments, 2017 has been a year which will go down in the history of Kashmir for various milestones and achievements in diverse fields made by the people of the valley. The back to back developments in Kashmir made everyone proud and we just can’t stop praising them.

The word impossible itself says “I’m possible”. These talents have proven it right, and the special thing about them is, they followed their passion and success came following them. It’s always a pleasure to write about such inspiring people.

Steve Jobs had said, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” One special thing about these people are, they always followed their passion and loved it, and when you love what you do you get great results.

The Real faces of creativity

Here are the two Kashmiri Youth who proved that nothing is impossible and became an inspiration in the Valley:

1.) Iram Mehraj: – Iram Mehraj hailing from Peerbagh, Srinagar is a proud mother of two beautiful daughters. Iram was very learned and curios since her childhood. She did her Post graduation in Biotechnology from Bangalore and completed her B.ED from Kashmir University. She has also worked in Max Healthcare, in New Delhi and then in SKUAST in Kashmir. She is passionate about cooking and is also fond of learning new things through articles and blogs. After completing her education and working for few years in Delhi then in Kashmir, started her own venture called ‘Shreen Libas’, a first among the online stores for women. She started this online business through Facebook in 2014 by #ShreenLibas. After getting fruitful results through Facebook, she took to Instagram and Whatsapp to help her reach a wider group of people. Slowly ‘Shreen Libas’ became a famous name and an inspiration.

2.) Jaffar Rather: – Jaffar Rather is another example of inspirational from the valley. This is the journey of Plumber to a Youtuber, a journey will motivate you and inspire you to keep persevering till you succeed. With merely Rs 100 in his pocket, Jaffar moved to Srinagar at the age of Initially in Srinagar, he was placed at a house as a care-taker. While working as a care-taker of that family he requested them to place him in the government sector and as luck would have it, he got enrolled into ITI (industrial training institute), Srinagar to take training in plumbing. He underwent the training for 2 years (from 1996-1998). Jaffar, after working into this sector for18 years, now has a team of 15 plumbers. He is now getting big projects and a very reputed company ‘Jaquar’ hired him as a product Installer. Further on his journey, and a knack for learning new things led him to start his own YouTube channel as ‘JK plumbing’. He is an inspiration to us all. Team New Age Kashmir wishes all the luck and success ahead to Iram and Jaffar. May you achieve all you desire. These stories of the ones who fell but got up much stronger are really motivational and New Age Kashmir promises you to bring more such inspiring stories from Kashmir.