Sangeeta S. Bahl, Mt. Everest, Entrepreneur from KAshmir, The daughter of Kashmir Sangeeta s. Bahl, KAshmiri woman, Mount everest submitted, Mountaneer

Sangeeta S. Bahl: The Victorious Woman of Jammu and Kashmir

“Not all those who wander are lost”, wrote J. R. R. Tolkien in his poem, “The Riddle of Strider”. He must have known the beauty of wandering then! But do you know? Have you ever wandered and found yourself again? Well, to be honest, I have. Initially it was a slow and confusing process for me, but later wandering became more of an adventure, more about curiosity and less about being lost. Thinking, aiming and planning before travelling introduced me with an important lesson  of travelling- going the distance. People generally name it as wanderlust, so it is!


The Wanderer I know!

I have come to admire one such curious person, who would be happy wandering all her life, Sangeeta S. Bahl. She hails from Jammu, the summer valley of Jammu and Kashmir. Yes the one, who recently submitted the great Mount Everest in May, 2018. That’s when she was most into news and articles and everywhere possible. News channels covered her success, journalists would want to talk to her about her experience and slowly the news faded away. But, her success to climb the world’s tallest peak at the age of 53 stayed with me. I realised, she was the first women from Jammu and Kashmir to have scaled the Mt. Everest.


Sangeeta S. Bahl, Mt. Everest, Entrepreneur from KAshmir, The daughter of Kashmir Sangeeta s. Bahl, KAshmiri woman, Mount everest submitted, Mountaneer


Her Achievements

She is a mountaineer, a successful, passionate and risk- taking climber! But, what else is she?

  • An Entrepreneur

Sangeeta S. Bahl is the Founder, Director and Image Consultant of a Gurgaon (Haryana) based firm– Impact Image Consultants. An acumen, she was the first Image Consultant of India.


Sangeeta S. Bahl, Mt. Everest, Entrepreneur from KAshmir, The daughter of Kashmir Sangeeta s. Bahl, KAshmiri woman, Mount everest submitted, Mountaneer


  • An Author

“Executive Etiquette Power” is a book that helps individuals to build confidence, make impression in daily and professional life. And guess what, it is co- authored by Sangeeta S. Behl.

  • A Beauty Pageant Finalist

She was only 16 when she began her career with modelling and acting. With a spark in her eyes she became the Miss India Finalist in the year 1985. Now, for 5 long years, she has been grooming the contestants of Femina Style Diva and projecting them aptly as strong women.

  • A Social Worker

She climbed the Mt. Everest, everybody knows about that. But why did she do it? Was it only a personal interest? But then why would she fail once in 2017 and try again in 2018?

She climbed the Mt. Everest again in 2018 to create aware about Breast Cancer for Women with the Women Cancer Initiative (WCI) in association with Tata Memorial Hospital (TMH), Mumbai.

Watch her journey:

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Yes, one can sure try twice for personal interest, but doing it for a good cause is what adds to their personality as a human being, as a woman.


Sangeeta S. Bahl, Mt. Everest, Entrepreneur from KAshmir, The daughter of Kashmir Sangeeta s. Bahl, KAshmiri woman, Mount everest submitted, Mountaneer


What have I learned?

While reading the personal blog ( of Jammu’s self- made & strong woman, Sangeeta S. Bahl, and trying to get to know her, I have learned a lot of things.

I have learned that age is never a barrier, but a journey of experiences!

By adding a reason of cause to our actions, we can help many while enjoying ourselves.

There is never a halt in dreaming and achieving, nothing in this world can stop you from wanting and taking what you like.

Trying, trying and trying must be a constant in life just like change.

And, the most important, never giving up!


Meet the Women with Cameras in Kashmir

Meet the Women with Cameras in Kashmir

While we are busy talking about women empowerment, fighting for equal rights and equal respect our Kashmiri women journalists are busy breaking stereotypes. The stereotypes of being an unsafe- field job for women surround journalism as a professions. But, society can not decide what a woman wants from her career and the bones are thus broken in the process. Who are these women who have so much courage? These are women like you and me who want a revolution to take away the nuances of our society and for once we can all breathe as humans and not separate genders. The only difference between these women and us are the chances they have taken in favour of these measures; and that’s what calls for a celebration.


Meet Sehar Qazi




“Being a woman helps presenting a different perspective”- Seher Qazi.

Seher Qazi is a 29- year – old full- time photojournalist, who hails proudly from downtown Srinagar. After completing her postgraduate degree in journalism, Sehar was told to now search for jobs in either a bank or a school. Why? Because these jobs are safe for a young woman. To this wise- wise advice, Sehar Qazi had an apt reply- A determination to make career in photojournalism!

She began working on her own photo essays on the lives of Rohingya Refugees after initially struggling many years with local and other publication houses. She was regularly poked by her relatives and family members about the issue of safety in her profession. But Qazi’s determination towards journalism was unshakable. Being stared at, she held her camera tight and gave a loud stare back!


Meet Masrat Zahra




An aspiring journalist, Masrat Zahra is a 24- year- old journalism student at Kashmir’s Central University, who belongs to Hawal, Srinagar. She is believed to have budded an interest in journalism after being gifted a camera. He dreams began to widen their wings with the decision of opting for photojournalism in the university.

Soon after joining the course, Masrat became a noticeable student and has continuously been publishing her works in publication and photo agencies like The Work Weekly, The Sun, The Washington Posts, etc. At her age, she is a promise of a change to come.


Meet Sanna Irshad Mattoo



“There was no other medium that let me express myself as well as photography. Its visual narration and originality has a power I can’t describe in words”– Sanna Irshad Mattoo

Mattoo is a 24 year old postgraduate photojournalism student from Saida Kadal, Srinagar, who knew it was photojournalism for her, the moment she began studying the course. With her unique ideas and uncommon sight, Mattoo is also a freelance documentary photographer. She believes that a simple gesture of seeking permission to click a photograph makes the people feel heard and respected and that is what counts to her perfection in journalism.


We are a developing society and its high time we understand that it’s the work of an individual that counts, not their gender. All three of our woman journalist feel the difference of gender in their profession. Their security is always at risk and they are judged commonly for choosing to be out of the house at odd hours. But as a society we need to rise above our prejudice and understand that journalism is a challenging field for both women and men, therefore, reduce the suspicion and generate a rather supportive public.


At New Age Kashmir, we are happy to celebrate the chances that our journalist ladies involve in. Kudos to you all and all the very best for your futures.