Ayesha Aziz: India’s youngest student pilot who is all set to fly...

Ayesha Aziz: India’s youngest student pilot who is all set to fly a commercial passenger plane is from Kashmir


In the conflict-ridden state of Jammu-Kashmir, Ayesha Aziz exemplifies hope, strength, determination and positivity.

Here’s Ayesha Aziz’s story of achieving something challenging and unconventional.

At the age of 16, Ayesha created a history by becoming India’s youngest person to receive a student pilot license in 2011. Now, she is 21 and earned her commercial pilot license last week. Ayesha Aziz is all set to fly the MiG-29 fighter jet at Sukul airbase, Russia. Before this, she has flown a single-engine aircraft for 200 hours as a part of her training.

New age kashmir | Ayesha Aziz

Since her childhood, she was fond of aircrafts. With her roots in Kashmir, Ayesha grew up in Mumbai where her father, Mr. Abdul Aziz, is a businessman. As a child, Ayesha would often fly to Kashmir with her parents for vacations. Those flights from Mumbai to Kashmir made Ayesha fond of airplanes and she decided to complete her graduation in aviation from Bombay Flying Club in 2016.

“The first time I flew an aircraft with my parents on board, the greatest feeling I had was of independence, a sense of liberation,” said Ayesha in an interview.

Also, she discussed the status of women pilot in India as there are only 11.3% women pilots in India, which is 3% globally.

She requested girls to take up this challenging profession saying there is a lot of scope for women in the aviation industry.

New age kashmir | Ayesha Aziz

Ayesha, being a Muslim girl also received a lot of criticism from the conservative society on not wearing “Hijab” and on her decision to fly airplanes. These criticisms and hurdles did not affect this strong headed girl which is truly an inspiration for a lot of girls in our country.

During Ayesha’s training days in 2012, she has visited NASA where she was enough fortunate to meet the famous astronauts like Sunita Williams and Jon A McBride.

New age kashmir | Ayesha Aziz

(Ayesha also met Rabia Futehally, the first Indian woman to fly an aircraft as a PPL holder in the 1960s.)

Significantly Ayesha Aziz’s phenomenal achievement is a major boost for women not only in Kashmir but in the entire nation.

New Age Kashmir congratulates this young lady for becoming India’s youngest women commercial pilot to fly passenger planes.