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Humaira Gowher: The Kashmiri Scientist

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existence”, said the genius, Albert Einstein.Remember when our teachers asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up? I bet you do! I wanted to become a horse, yeah! Obviously, I didn’t know then that humans can’t grow up […]

The Incredible Women of Kashmir

Who is an empowered woman? Is she just the one who can work, fight or do multiple things at once? No, an empowered woman is the one who climbs her stairs of success while equally respecting her competitors, trusting her instincts, and not pushing anybody behind. And such is the beauty of an ideally empowered […]

First Ever Martial Art Games of Jammu and Kashmir, 2018

Jammu and Kashmir, a land known for its scenic beauty, rich culture and massive resources, is now also a sports hub. Recently, the Sports Council of Jammu and Kashmir organised the first ever Kashmir division Martial Art Games 2018. The competition held at the magnificent Indoor Stadium in Srinagar. It included a variety of Martial […]

Sangeeta S. Bahl: The Victorious Woman of Jammu and Kashmir

“Not all those who wander are lost”, wrote J. R. R. Tolkien in his poem, “The Riddle of Strider”. He must have known the beauty of wandering then! But do you know? Have you ever wandered and found yourself again? Well, to be honest, I have. Initially it was a slow and confusing process for […]

Meet the Women with Cameras in Kashmir

While we are busy talking about women empowerment, fighting for equal rights and equal respect our Kashmiri women journalists are busy breaking stereotypes. The stereotypes of being an unsafe- field job for women surround journalism as a professions. But, society can not decide what a woman wants from her career and the bones are thus […]

The talented child of Kashmir- Neetu Jalali

“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious”, said Albert Einstein when there was too much to praise him for.   “What is talent but a ray of passion driven dreams? A dream that buds, sprouts and flourish with progressive beliefs. A path that one chooses to lead. A life that one longs […]

Bhanu Pratap Singh: The man of honour of Jammu and Kashmir

With ongoing Asian Games in Jakarta Palembang, India has registered its victory by bringing home several Bronze, Silver and Gold medals. To keep a count on the medals won has become difficult with each passing day. The glory is widening its wings every day. The most recent victories came bearing gifts as Sania Nehwal, PV […]

From “Heaven On Earth” To “God’s Own Country”

With Eid ul-Adha being celebrated worldwide, let’s understand the real meaning of sacrifice. There are five pillars of Islam that are mandatory for Muslims: Salat (Prayer), Zakat (Charity), Shahada (Creed), Sawm (Fasting), and, only if the individual can afford it, Hajj (Pilgrimage). Islam strongly advocates charity especially during the month of Ramzan and Eid. The […]

The Significance of Mother-Tongue: Kashmir

We are all blessed to be living in the arms of our Kashmir, letting Koshur (Kashmiri Language) drench us with its ancient richness. Despite the fact that some children still learn and speak their mother tongue, as the generation is moving ahead and away from the language, Koshur has begun to blur its presence. Therefore, […]