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Sandeep Chaudhary IPS, an inspiration for the society

Meet Sandeep Chaudhary, an IPS officer, who provides free coaching classes for UPSC, SSC and other competitive exams to the students of the Valley. In almost everyone’s life, there would be a role model who inspires them to walk through the untrodden ways in life so that they could stand out from the rest of […]

Dr. Aaqfeen Nisar – Breaking Menstrual Taboos in Jammu & Kashmir

Even in the 21st century, there has not been any prominent change in people’s attitudes towards menstruation. People don’t wish to talk about it openly because they believe it’s not socially accepted. Since the olden times, women are exposed to various ill measures when dealing with their menstrual cycle. There are many women in the […]

Nahida Manzoor- First Kashmiri Woman to summit Mount Everest

The road to success are challenging undoubtedly are challenging but the victory made it worthy of one. Nahida Manzoor made our state proud by becoming first Kashmiri Woman to successfully summit the World’s highest peak, Mount Everest. She is a 23 year old residing in the Zeewan area on the outskirts. Her father Manzoor Ahmad […]

Dr. Ruveda Salam- First woman IPS officer from Kashmir

The State of Jammu and Kashmir is a land of immense talent. Every now and then, there is some or the other person who is setting an example not just for our Valley but also for the entire country. One such person is an IPS officer Dr Ruveda Salam. She is the first woman IPS […]

Sangeeta Bahl to become the oldest woman to scale MtDenali

“Some people are old at 18 and some are young at 90…time is a concept that humans created.” ~ Yoko Ono Age can never put any kind of limitation on our dreams. If you don’t mind, it won’t matter. And this is what Sangeeta Sindhi Bahl was inspired from. She is the first woman from […]

Calendar 2019: A Gift from Jammu and Kashmir’s New Women to The Old

Jammu and Kashmir has always been home to a number of legendary women who have made great contributions but have seldom got recognition. To undo this, two Kashmiri organizations Sonth and Koshur Lifestyle, have come together as “Kashmiri Women Design Collective”. They have rebuilt the blurred memories of women of Kashmir, who have in some […]

Megha Kaul- FBB Colors Femina Miss India Jammu 2019

Being in a pageant is not just about beauty. It takes a lot of effort and hardwork to stand out of the crowd. It’s more about service to the community and being a role model and making a difference. It’s all about the efforts what you have put into it. Recently, the auditions of FBB […]

The Inspirational New Age Personalities of Jammu and Kashmir

Right throughout history, the state of Jammu and Kashmir has given the country some of the very inspiring people who have proved their mettle in different fields. What makes their stories even more heartening is that they have managed to shine by overcoming all obstacles with sheer grit and determination. Let’s have a look at […]