Anam  Siraj – The Cloud Closet, A studio decorated with dreams and...

Anam  Siraj – The Cloud Closet, A studio decorated with dreams and passion.

“People don’t take opportunities because the timing is bad, the financial side is insecure. Too many people are overanalysing. Sometime you just have to go for it.”- Michelle Zatlyn. While we fear at every step of life there are people who enjoy this fear of taking risk and those who dare to take risks comes out as a successful person. Yes, we are again talking about a beautiful story from the valley which will inspire you and fill you with motivation and enthusiasm.

“The taste of success remains bland until you have tasted failure.” Anam siraj, a name that spells confident. This 27- year old lady from the beautiful valley of Kashmir is now an example around the nation.   Anam Siraj is a new face of successful entrepreneur from the valley. She runs her own designer studio and gave it the name- The Closet Cloud by Anam. Starting from her journey towards her dream…

Nothing is easy unless you start doing it. Changing a dream into beautiful reality is no less than a dream.But, hard work always pays off! While talking about her we can`t miss to state that Anam Siraj is a commerce graduate. She had no clue that she would own a designer studio. Anam was working in an MNC, in New Delhi and she was already frustrated with her monotonous life. It was one bright day when she decided to leave her job and put those time and effort to her passion. There was some obvious doubts and fear inside her that, if she could do it or not! The phase from which she was crossing was not easy, she had to fight with her inner voices. But she fought and came out with a decision of opening her own designer studio where she would be designing and reviving the rich retro Kashmiri collection. This was a tough and challenging task. She then decided to go for “diploma” in Textile designing which made her excel and brought her a step closer towards her dream studio. Anam now, became the owner of a designer studio that was running completely on her idea and concept. Since the competition was not easy but her idea was unique and her concept was way off the mainstream so people could connect with her very easily. Because of the unique designs her Instagram page also became popular. Her Inner dedication and hard work made her succeed. The desire and strength to keep moving no matter what comes made her an inspiration. She strongly believed in herself and those management skills she have. She is now an independent woman and successful entrepreneur.  We can now proudly say that the beautiful valley of Kashmir is surely blessed to have these great talents and we expect many more to come. The darker it gets, the brighter these starts are going to shine- dedicated.