Amir Hussain Lone with no arms is the captain of Kashmir’s para...

Amir Hussain Lone with no arms is the captain of Kashmir’s para cricket team

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Amir Hussain Lone, who has no hands is the captain of Kashmir’s para cricket team. Yes, the 27-year-old Amir has defied the odds to become a star cricketer in the Kashmir valley. He was just eight when he lost both of his arms in a tragic accident where his jacket was caught in a saw mill while he was playing with his friends.

Amir Hussain Lone hails from Waghama village near Bijbehara, which is known for making the famous Kashmir’s willow bat. Every youngster here is a cricket fan and never miss the opportunity to go out to the fields to play cricket. In fact, Parvez Rasool, who is the first Kashmiri to get selected in the Indian National Team too belongs to Bijbehara.

When Amir lost all his hopes after losing his arms he started playing cricket and took Sachin Tendulkar as an inspiration. However, it sounds impossible for a boy to play cricket without hands but Amir with his amazing abilities became the captain of Kashmir’s state para-cricket team.

When Amir Hussain Lone recalls his journey, he remembers the moment he lost his arms, his father didn’t have a car to take him to the hospital. His father asked help from the Indian army and it was the army who assisted Amir to the hospital. He spent three years in the hospital fighting for his fast recovery. Many of Amir’s neighbor made fun of Amir and even advised Amir’s father to abandon him. Instead, Amir’s father, Mr. Bashir Ahmed sold all of his agricultural property and the saw mill to pay Amir’s medical bills.

Over the years Amir struggled and turned all the odds into even. After he lost his hands, he had to learn to do everything with his feet. Today, Amir Hussain Lone does everything by himself. From eating food to shaving his beard, he does everything using his feet. He kept struggling to achieve his goal and finally was selected as the captain of Kashmir’s para-cricket team. Unlike other cricketer player, Amir’s style is unusual yet spell bounding. Amir bats using his neck and shoulder and bowls using his toes. He is considered a better batsman even than the ones with hands.

amir hussain love - new age kashmir

‘Batting was not a difficult task but bowling without arms was a miracle and I somehow managed to do it.’ Amir Hussain Lone says.

Now Amir Hussain Lone, who is the captain of Kashmir’s para-cricket team is respected by all. Everyone appreciates him and take inspiration from Amir’s struggle. The people who used to make fun of Amir are his friends today. Amir’s father is extremely proud of his son and wishes to see Amir shine brighter in the future. Amir Hussain Lone, who is presently the captain of Kashmir’s para-cricket team is now working hard to take his skills into a higher level.

New Age Kashmir salutes the spirit of Amir Hussain Lone for inspiring everyone and wish to see him rise even higher.