5 secret superstar from Kashmir

5 secret superstar from Kashmir


I was galvanized after watching the teaser of upcoming movie ‘secret superstar’, starring Aamir Khan and Zaira Wasim as leads. This trailer and excitement around the movie has inspired us to put a spotlight on some real secret superstar from Kashmir. The beautiful valley of Kashmir is rich not only in natural beauty and culture but also in unique skill and talent. Kashmiri music has the taste of ancient romantic Sufi music which makes it more distinct and holds a powerful history. But the socio-economic stress and lack of exposure of right platform are proven factor for suppression of career of many talented people. Here, we bring

5 Kashmiri secret superstars who, just as depicted in movie trailer (of Secret Superstar), have gained popularity either through traditional way or through Social Media and are now making a name around the world.

1.)    Aabha Hanjura: – “Hukus bukus” is the first song that hits our mind whenever we hear the name ‘Aabha Hanjura’ from Kashmir who gained a huge popularity through this song. She was born and brought up in Jammu. Her mother was her first music teacher. She was so dedicated towards singing that she would not sleep without practicing the songs that she learned. At the age of 7, she became disciple under Pt. Shiv Kumar Sharma at ‘Kacchi Chawni’ for classical singing. She then, moved to Bangalore to pursue her higher studies. Later, she appeared in the auditions of Indian idol season 2 and got selected for competition. There were lots of ups and downs that came to her way but she stayed strong and followed her passion. She then, went to Jammu &Kashmir and joined a Kashmiri band Reso-nation. She became audiences’ favourite through the song-‘Hukus Bukus’. Apart from being a versatile singer, she is a great dancer and a cook. She is a woman of high aspirations and inspiring other women from Kashmir to make a career in singing.

2.)    Yawar Abdal: – A 23 year old, Kashmiri musician, a singer and a guitarist who became famous through a very famous Kashmiri song “Tamanna”. His vision is to bring Kashmiri music to a world class level for which he along with other musicians started a Kashmiri band too. His song ‘Tamanna’ earned a lot of audience through YouTube. ‘Gyawun’, a Kashmir based web page has also covered his song. People appreciated his song and were happy seeing Kashmiri songs getting popular. Yawar Abdal also helped many Kashmiri singers to perform over the platform he generated with his team.


3.) Vibha Saraf:-A Kashmir based singer who went popular and has earned fame through her melodious voice. She is now a professional singer. She has done playback singing with Arijit Singh and recently she has finished her new song “Dhoop” with Nucleya who is a very famous music producer that mix EDM with traditional song. Her new song Dhoop is going very popular these days.  She is growing as a new voice of Bollywood from Kashmir. It is a matter of proud for all Kashmiris. She also keeps on uploading small video clips on Instagram and on Facebook about her work. We wish her all the success and may she keep going higher and higher.

4.)    Mehmeet Syed: – Kashmiri talents never fail to surprise us and Mehmeet Syed is one of them. She took birth in the heart of beautiful valley of Kashmir. She is a beautiful lady with a very melodious voice. She started singing from a very small age and was a dedicated and passionate singer. She is a proud holder of three master’s degree from Kashmir University and IGNOU. She is the singer of very famous Kashmiri song “Cholhama Roshay Roshay” which became very popular in the year 2004. We wish she keeps inspiring the budding singers from Kashmir to a make musical career in singing.


5.)    Mukteshi Sharma: – A very versatile and a very talented singer from Jammu who has made a name in singing at a very small age. She is accolated by various awards by the state of Jammu & Kashmir. Her marriage did not work out and she was by being tortured and beaten by her in-laws. She faced a lot of ups and downs at a very small age but never gave up and kept moving. She has proved that nothing can stop you if your dedication is strong. She is now an inspiration to all the women. We hope to see her soon on bigger platform and her all desires get fulfilled.


Singing is the best way that connect the people as it touches the heart and soul of a person. These secret superstars from Kashmir have a long way to go and their life is no less than an example for everyone. We wish the movie ‘Secret Superstar’ and our real singing superstars are successful and touch hearts of many.