Nadia Nighat- First Women Football coach from Jammu and Kashmir

Nadia Nighat- First Women Football coach from Jammu and Kashmir

Eighteen years into twenty first century, Football is still considered a domain game for men in most parts of world, and Jammu and Kashmir being no exception. But as Lionel Messi, the inspirational footballer says, “You can overcome anything, if and only if you love something enough”, the new age of Kashmir has turned a page in the history of the valley and set great examples through their passion and determination for higher goals.
With continuous blooming opportunities and equal hardwork of our youth, we have seen inspiring examples like Afshan Ashiq, who was once a stone pelter is now the captain of women’s football team of J & K. She is proof of a change that is headed to a better tomorrow.

Defying the odds, Nadia Nighat has become the first women football coach from Jammu and Kashmir. She is a motivation for the generations to come and is recently in news for her achievement of being placed as a football coach Maharashtra.

Nadia Nighat- First Women Football coach from Jammu and Kashmir

But, the road to success for our champion was not always smooth as butter. Nadia began her journey as a young girl with dreams to make a career in football. As a child, Nadia’s interest in the game initiated as she watched boys in her neighbourhood play football with utter passion. She was not only scolded but also asked to quit playing the game by her parents.
But her interest had busted the fear of an unstable career in the hearts of her parents due to the existing stereotypes related to a woman playing the domain game of men. Nonetheless, her confidence and will power won over every barrier. She participated in a national football tournament in 2007 and has been unstoppable since then. Along with her studies, Nadia managed to join training sessions at a local college, namely Amar Singh College Academy. She later trained with Jammu and Kashmir Football Association (JKFA). The academy has a history of producing talented footballers and was also the turning point for Nadia’s life.

Finally after ten long years of struggle, Nadia at the age of 19, set up her own Football Academy at Rambagh area of the Srinagar district, where she used to train both boys and girls every evening. With 30 Nationals and State Level awards, Nadia enthusiastically ran her academy and trained more than 30 aspirants including three girls.

Nadia Nighat- First Women Football coach from Jammu and Kashmir

Nadia has not only brought a change in the mentality of people that male trainers are better than female trainers but she has also motivated other girls to participate more openly in the game. Jammu and Kashmir sports council are in awe of her, they say, “She is very talented and gives lessons on how to trickle and tackle the situations in the game.”

Nadia Nighat- First Women Football coach from Jammu and Kashmir

Today, with a ‘C’ license to teach football, Nadia is the head coach of the U-13 boys’ team of Thanes, Maharashtra. She also plan to coach U-15 and U-18 teams in the coming future.

An avid fan of footballers Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo, Nadia has proved that people of Jammu and Kashmir might have seen the blues of past and currently existing stereotypes, but there is no denying the spirit and enthusiasm of our youth. In a respectable interview with ANI, Nadia has sent her message for the children of the valley, saying, “I appeal to everyone to follow their dreams and achieve their goals. Do not consider football a man’s game. Parents should allow their children, whatever they want to pursue in their career,”
We wish her lots of love and luck for the adventures to come. More Power to you Nadia Nighat!!

Ufra Mir: First Peace Psychologist in Kashmir

Ufra Mir: First Peace Psychologist in Kashmir

“When I look at the world I’m pessimistic, but when I look at people I am optimistic.” -Carl Roger


Carl Roger, here, is trying to portray the state of the world. Our Social Media feeds are filled mostly with a constant influx of stories that focus on arguments and strife, making the world seems like a terrible place to live. But if we start focusing on individuals, we would experience a positive and realistic view of the world. Everyone is fighting a battle of their own that no one knows. And psychology helps us to have a deep understanding of the people, their behavior and mindsets. One Such psychologist who helps the women of the Kashmir to find peace and have optimistic approach towards life is none other than UFRA MIR. She is Kashmir’s first peace psychologist so far and has done amazing work for the valley.


Ufra Mir: First Peace Psychologist in Kashmir


Peace Psychology is not a well known stream of psychology. It’s a type of psychology that focuses on mitigating the effects of conflict on society and developing ways to promote Peace. Not only this, but also she is a social entrepreneur and a scholar-activist. A graduate of Luther College (USA) and a double degree from the University of Nottingham (UK) has made possible for her to have a contact with organizations like US Department of peace. Ufra was born and brought up in Kashmir. She always wanted to do something impactful for the people and for the place. Choosing this field of study, was a first step towards the positive change. She said she helped people by transforming their pain into creative expression via art. People who are dealing with the problems of life think that they will attain peace after they have had solved them. However, peace comes along the with process of finding solution. That’s why she feels peace is a process not a product. Using the experience of her struggle, she has developed youth-health peace initiative over the past four years. She designed it in such a way that this initiative has to offer many peacebuilding skills and training workshops to Kashmiri youth so that they empower socially, emotionally and psychologically.



In this process, an international nonprofit initiative that is Paigaam, grew. This helped not only the Kashmiris but also the people around the world.Some of her Achievements are:-

-The first Kashmiri to attend UWC International Council.

-The First Kashmiri to get selected for the Swedish Institute Young Connectors for Future Fellowship

-Nominated for ACR International Outstanding Leadership Award, ElHibri Peace Education Prize, Hawkinson Peace & Justice Scholarship Award

Ufra Mir is a perfect example of ‘Service before Self’. She has selflessly worked for the people of Kashmir. And we, at the New Age Kashmir, appreciate and wish her success for the future for the valuable work.

Dr. Mubeena Ramzan: First Kashmiri woman to feature among world’s 500 most influential Muslims

“Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, She stands ups for all women” -Maya Angelou


They say when women support each other, incredible things happen. And one such incredible thing just happened in our land of paradise; Dr. Mubeena Ramzan became the first Kashmiri women to feature among world’s 500 most influential Muslims. The above quote is absolutely true for her; she gave life to the quoted words.


Dr. Mubeena Ramzan created history and is truly inspiring for all the women in Kashmir. She was born in Sopore in district Baramulla and did her initial schooling from Islamia High School, Baramulla. There, she was taught Islamiyat, Arabic and Hindi which helped her to broaden her thought process. She also has a Bachelor’s degree in Islamic Studies and after that she completed my B.Ed, Masters degree and Research from University of Kashmir (KU). As a scholar, her research on Kashmiri Society and its social evils made her realise she must do something to mitigate the crisis. And that’s when the idea of quitting lectureship came up. She then started Jamia Islamia Mahdul Muslimat under the aegis of Mahdul Muslimat Educational Trust in 2002. She has come a long way from a rented building in Sopore to purchase a land and built a proper girls-only seminary-cum-skill school.


She is a firm believer of ‘Empowered women empower women’ and real empowerment comes from imparting education and skills. This is the main objective she wanted to inculcating education with Islamic integration and imparting skills among women which will boost their confidence to face different realities of life. She had realised that women need to be aware why education is important and how it can help them to remove injustice and inequalities. Empowerment acts as a powerful tool especially for women to break the barriers that are made by the society. And the school that she has started is the perfect place to make it happen. Besides the teaching of religious text the school imparts worldly education too. In 2013, Dr. Muneeba called a meet of women from different walks of the life where they all decided to have some welfare initiatives and after a year in March 2014 “Ansar-un-Nissa” formed.  This welfare body aimed to help the needy, would-be brides, widows, orphans, etc. This is one of the most remarkable work she has ever done.

The road to success is not a bed of roses, there are many challenges that she faced. She was opposed by so-called Moulvis for starting girls only style institute called Madrassa as it was destroying their ego that how a female can run a Madrassa. But all thanks to efforts now their perception has changed.

She has left no stone unturned to have a balanced approach where woman and man both would take care of their roles and responsibilities. We salute this lady for her outstanding contribution for our valley and inspiring all the young girls and women of Kashmir.