Bhanu Pratap Singh: The man of honour of Jammu and Kashmir

Bhanu Pratap Singh: The man of honour of Jammu and Kashmir

With ongoing Asian Games in Jakarta Palembang, India has registered its victory by bringing home several Bronze, Silver and Gold medals. To keep a count on the medals won has become difficult with each passing day. The glory is widening its wings every day.

The most recent victories came bearing gifts as Sania Nehwal, PV Sindu and Hima Das broke National Records in Women’s Single Badminton and Women’s 400m Final respectively. It is in almost all the sports that our champions have roared victories.

Moreover, on 22nd August 2018, India’s four bronze medals hauled in Wushu, one of which became honour of international medal winner, Bhanu Pratap Singh, of Jammu and Kashmir. His victory came as a huge appreciation for the country because, “It is uniquely important in Wushu to excel in Asian Games even if you have won a World Championships medal”, says The Indian Express; and thus India is most proud to celebrate it.

Bhanu Pratap Singh is a 22 year old Wushu Player, son of a Bharat Kesari wrestler, Balkar Singh, (Former) from village Roopnagar in Jammu. It was due to his mischievous childhood and innocent fight- picking that Bhanu’s parents picked him up for Wushu. And, in return he has gifted, not only his parents, but also the nation, a great win in the Asian Games. Besides his achievements as a sports person, Bhanu serves his nation as a cop with the Jammu and Kashmir Police. He is proof that there is no limit to talent and that it ultimately makes your people and your country proud!


Here are some mesmerizing moments of Bhanu Pratap Singh from the day of winning.



Also, the officials of J&K Police department and Indian Army were not behind in sharing their affection for Bhanu. He has got multiple blessings from some very important people as they were proud enough of his achievements and thought it necessary to address it personally to the world.

  1. Imtiyaz Hussain

  1. Shesh Paul Vaid

sp vaid

  1. K. Vijay Kumar

Vijay Kumar

  1. Rajyavardhan Rathore


  1. Waheed Para

para 1

The former chairperson of J&K sports council went as far as to honour Bhanu Pratap Singh by adding his image as his profile picture on twitter.

waheed para, bhanu pratap singh, Waheed para profile picture


With Bhanu’s victory in Wushu, it has become difficult for us to await the upcoming Wushu Festival to be held next year in Srinagar. This festival would welcome and celebrate the achievements of four bronze medal holders in Wushu. It sure is going to be big!

It is needless to say how proud we are of our shining star Bhanu Pratap Singh. On the behalf of New Age Kashmir, I congratulate him for his wonderful victory. Lots of blessings and love for you. Keep up the spirit of Wushu!

From “Heaven On Earth” To “God’s Own Country”

From “Heaven On Earth” To “God’s Own Country”

With Eid ul-Adha being celebrated worldwide, let’s understand the real meaning of sacrifice. There are five pillars of Islam that are mandatory for Muslims: Salat (Prayer), Zakat (Charity), Shahada (Creed), Sawm (Fasting), and, only if the individual can afford it, Hajj (Pilgrimage).
Islam strongly advocates charity especially during the month of Ramzan and Eid. The Holy Quran and Sunnah put great emphasis on charity by mentioning the virtues and benefits of Zakat multiple times.

Allah says in the Quran : “It is not their meat nor their blood that reaches Allah; it is your devotion that reaches him.”
(Quran 22:37)

This Eid ul Adha let the essential Zakat, Qurbani and associated celebratory expenditures be contributed to the Kerala Flood Relief.

Ibn Abbas narrated that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, “He is not a believer whose stomach is filled while the neighbour to his side goes hungry.” ~ Al-Sunan al-Kubra 19049


Kerala floods


The havoc that destroyed Kerala

The beautiful southern coastal state of India Kerala, has witnessed a disastrous flood that has killed more than 350 people and has wrecked havoc. With the news portals and social media circles abuzz with the damage beyond imagination affair of the state, the heroic rescue operations by Indian Army, Indian Air Force (IAF), Indian Navy, the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), local police and the many calls of solidarity, the entire country has come forwards in this hour of need.
With ‘God’s own country’, Kerala battling its worst flood in nearly a century, the ‘Heaven on Earth’, Kashmir is also praying and expressing solidarity with the people of Kerala. In the year 2014, the state of Jammu and Kashmir had witnessed similar devastation caused by disastrous flood of such intensity and magnitude as the monsoon wrath in the southern coastal state.
Four years later we have yet again been reminded of our own tragedies. Many people also reminded fellow Kashmiris that during the 2014 floods, a lot of Keralites helped us cope with that mammoth disaster by bringing in relief, aid material and now, it was our turn to support them in this hour of need.

While the whole Nation is waiting for this terrible incident to pass and hoping and praying for a quick recovery by the state, we, the state of Jammu and Kashmir have also joined hands with the rest of the country to help those affected by the disaster.

Horrific disasters like this bring people closer and test the courage of the country to stand tall and united whenever the need arises. Apart from the government and various organizations, individuals across the country have also come forward to help those affected by the disaster.

With our former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah taking to twitter to take attention of the state towards Kerala that battles its worst floods in 90 years.

The other politician who has taken a pro-active stand on the Kerala floods was Dr Haseeb Drabu, ex finance minister under Mehbooba Mufti government.

IAS topper Shah Faesal who is currently studying abroad put on his wall

As a lot of people are still battling with the devastating floods, many people from the valley are extending their help to offer support.


Kashmir Civil Society


A group of young civil society members in Kashmir is collecting food packets to send help as many as 2000 families in Kerala. Most of them say that they can understand the pain as the valley has gone through the same deluge in 2014.

Needless to say, Kerala’s flood situations made the Nation forget their differences and extend support in whichever ways possible.

Notably, a J&K Bank’s staff members have decided to contribute Rs 11 crore to the flood-affected victims of Kerala. Chairman Parvez Ahmed shall be contributing his two months’ salary while the other staffs have decided to help the flood-affected victims of Kerala by donating their six days salary during this time of severe crisis.

J&K Bank

The executive presidents has also contributed one month salary and other members of the top management of the bank also reciprocated by making generous contribution to the fund collected by the bank for the relief measures in Kerala.

A huge Thank you from NewAge Kashmir to each and everyone who have reached out to help the state through the distress. Your contribution meant a lot to many.

If you are also looking for ways in which you can help, here’s the link:


Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak to each and every one of you! May this Eid bring Peace, Compassion and Happiness.


The Significance of Mother-Tongue: Kashmir

We are all blessed to be living in the arms of our Kashmir, letting Koshur (Kashmiri Language) drench us with its ancient richness. Despite the fact that some children still learn and speak their mother tongue, as the generation is moving ahead and away from the language, Koshur has begun to blur its presence. Therefore, it is significant for natives as well as Kashmiris living away from the valley to enrich the childhood of their children with their home language and maybe then, the language will survive the hits of contemporariness.

I believe, people will agree with me about the necessity of knowing and learning one’s own mother- tongue. To be able to speak the native language is a blessing, it connects individuals to their history, ancestors, and land. It keeps the belongingness to one’s own home intact and connects the heart of people easily. It is always easy to identify with someone who speaks the same language as you, no matter what the place, profession or religion!


Meet thoughtful writer & mother, Zarka Batool

If we adults, together, decisively begin our work in the direction of teaching our children, first, the importance of the mother tongue, second, the language itself, Koshur will rejuvenate with time. Zarka Batool, an inspiration, is an apt example of a Kashmiri residing outside of India and yet wanting to adhere her children to their roots.

Zarka Batool is a Kashmiri, born and brought up in Downtown Srinagar, Kashmir, who has been living in England for past 15 years now. Batool works as a part-time doctor and lives with her husband, three kids (boys) in a happy domestic life. Her enthusiasm towards life is evident in her recognition as a writer of a children’s book called “Basic Spoken Kashmiri”.


Zarka Batool, Basic Kashmiri, spoken kashmirir, koshur


About the Book

“Basic Spoken Kashmiri” is a compiled vocabulary of words along with illustrations, made with beautiful colors. The book is specifically meant for children to learn the basic grammatical rules and words for forming simple sentences in Kashmiri. The book illustrates all the necessary items from the daily life, explained through a picture and then expressed in both Koshur and English for reference.


Zarka Batool, Basic Kashmiri, spoken kashmirir, koshur


Zarka Batool, Basic Kashmiri, spoken kashmirir, koshur


The inspiration behind the book

When asked about the source of inspiration to write the book, Batool answered, “After 14 years of moving my jaw in a different fashion trying to speak English with my kids, I wondered- is this what my future generations will speak?” She initially wrote a few pages for her own boys, and gradually decided to write a whole book for the other Kashmiri children around the globe. She believes that as the book has helped her own children, it will help many others as well. In this good faith, Zarka Batool has given us what should have been present from long before.


We are thankful to Batool for her loving & great gift to Kashmiri children as well as parents. All of us need to instill in us the importance of our language and understand that we are solely responsible for the future of Koshur. If we pass it on to our children, they will pass it on to there and the culture will survive. There are various platforms like television, school, internet, etc., for them to learn other languages but there is only parents and guides like Batool’s “Basic Spoken Kashmir” and great linguist and researcher Braj Bihari Kachru’s An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri”.

Note: You can buy Batools’s book at Amazon. 

Let's talk about the real Jammu and KashmirA

Let’s Talk About the REAL Jammu and Kashmir

For a long time we have been asking people to focus on the positive aspects of Jammu and Kashmir. Spreading word one by one, slowly, to achieve an inner perspective of the valley rather than the outer. Hoping that one day we will renounce all negativity attached to our heavenly land. The land where people are boosted with talent and there is no denying the availability of abundant opportunities; the land of almighty’s love spread in the form of nature.


jammu and kashmir, about kashmir


Who else loves Kashmir?


While we are glorifying this truth with the help of highly passionate new generation and their achievements; Conde Nast Traveller (India) is doing the same by reflecting the bright colours of the land of Jammu and Kashmir. It is a luxury and lifestyle travel magazine published by Condé Nast and focuses on literary journalism (Travel writing). As per editor in chief, Harold Evans, travel industry’s major significance arises from a writer with an insider’s perspective; he coined the motto of the magazine as “Truth in Travel”. The magazine has a separate publication and website for travel stories and guides for India, i.e. Conde Nast Traveller, which makes it an international platform to extract information of travel from.


Conde Nast Traveller is a blessing in disguise


They published a Jammu and Kashmir Special Edition- “To Kashmir with Love”.


To kashmir with love


They send their love to Kashmir and honors it with a separate column on its website, called, “To Kashmir with Love”.


column in Conde nast traveller, conde nast traveller


They speak the language of heart.


Editor, conde nast traveller


They explore the food and streets together.


marryam reshi for conde nast traveller


They reflect the serene by enlightening the personal events.


wedding in kashmir



Conde Nast Traveller, along with being an international platform, is a widely spread medium for a travel guide. Its presence on social media is magnificent. Be it Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Instagram, the magazine is a huge influencer in all its forms. And, having a separate column for Kashmir helps the valley to get an international recognition for its positive aspects over the negative ones (which are naturally more or less present in every state and the valley does not need to be known ideally for that). Hence, the Magazine helps Jammu and Kashmir to put forward its natural form instead of the one that has been framed over the years.


conde nast traveller


Through New Age Kashmir, we aim to bring the real Kashmir in front of the world. And, having support is all that matters to us. We wholeheartedly thank the initiative taken by Conde Nast Traveller to back the goal that we aim to achieve. We hope with a constant pace, strong belief and positive attitude we can one final day free Kashmir of its loops and let it shine in its true present beauty.

Haji Public School - ‘Terras Irradient’

Haji Public School – ‘Terras Irradient’

Let Them Illuminate the Earth.

Breswana village, an average, remote, inaccessible village in the mountains of Doda in Jammu and Kashmir, was an area where the concept of education was almost unknown for over 30 years. Yes you might have come across the name of the village quite a number of times, why not? Breswana village of Doda – a district 160 km northeast of Jammu was once a hub of militancy. Here almost every household was hit by militancy till 2004.


Rekindling hopes at Haji Public School

Walk with us today to an altitude above 7,100 feet, about 200-odd kms from Jammu through a rocky, harsh terrain with steep slopes, not to mention the adverse weather for most time of the year to a Road to Change.

In 2008, Sabbah Haji sat at her desk based out of Bangalore, and watched in harrowing news reels her small town in the Doda district as the Amarnath struggle of Jammu & Kashmir unfold. It was when Sabbah decided to move to Breswana and join her parents to change people’s lives there and grab positive news headlines for her ancestral home. And what better way to change people’s lives than to educate them?

“And just like that, out of nowhere, we started talking about it,” says Sabaah Haji, Director of Haji Public School, speaking to India Today.

Rekindling hopes for education in the Doda district which went without any education to feed the knowledge-hungry for 3 decades. Education will help break the vicious cycles of violence, terrorism that citizens find impossible to come out of.

Here’s how pieces of the jigsaw puzzle fit

The village overlooking the Chenab River needed to see a drastic change that would uplift it. Nasir Haji, Sabbah Haji’s uncle who is a Singapore-based Indian businessman almost impulsively decided on starting the Haji Public School to change people’s lives there by educating them. The government schools did not function and there were almost no private schools there.

“Uncle Nasir suggested we start a school there,” says Sabbah.


Sabbah Haji with students


The mountain-cut village school was established and is managed by Nasir’s brother Saleem Haji and his daughter Sabbah Haji. Her mother Tasneem Haji, an educationist, too is part of the school set up. For a School that has just one objective – to impart knowledge to those children who cannot avail of the academic facilities, a strong foundation for classrooms was needed.  What better way than all the village inhabitants coming together and laying the foundation of the school brick by brick?

The Haji Public School started on 4th May 2009, at the ground level, teaching only the lower and upper kindergarten students.

A master plan to get children back

From parents lined up around windows to poke their heads into classrooms as a curiosity to parents not willing to give up on a good education for their children so that they get an opportunity to make it on their own when they grow up, Haji Public School is making a redeeming difference. When it started, the school had student strength of 30 with two grades. As of today, the student strength has risen to 400 plus studying in classes up to eighth grades from 15 villages, who walk hours across mountains every day to attend school. Last year, Haji Public School’s first batch, who had joined in KG in 2009, cleared their Class 8 Board exams with flying colors. This year the second kindergarten batch is through.

2017 batch


“We have had families move from cities to the village for the school, because we provide good quality education. All of this is because we have kept it simple. Minimal fee structure, very competent teachers, good infrastructure and teaching aids and fun learning,” says Sabaah to India Today.

Talking about the positive change the school has brought about in his children, Abdul Latief Ahanger (father of two children studying in grade six and grade seven of HPS) says: “I always see them obsessed with books. Also, they were very shy in initial days but now, their level of confidence has increased manifold.”

It takes a big heart to shape a little mind! – That’s for our Volunteer teachers redefining education


Volunteer at HPS


Who would mind to spend some quality time with our good old Himalayan Mountains, you wonder! Well, many would especially because the district 160 km northeast of Jammu on the lap of our old friend was once a hub of militancy.

“I feel people are too scared to come here and there is a necessity to teach the students here more than any other normal city in India,” says Karishma, a volunteer teacher.

While there’s no doubt your experience in Breswana will be worthwhile, Sabaah warns that the volunteer programme is not a “chill volun-tourism gig” and we can’t agree more. After all, a good teacher makes a good student and that is exactly what HPS is trying to make, bright kids for a brighter tomorrow.

As a volunteer teacher at Haji Public School, you’ll be offered free boarding and lodging in return for your time at the school. Teaching roles at such remote, almost inaccessible places come with extra responsibilities and dedication. To be a volunteer at Haji Public School, you need to be very serious, hard-working, patient and a sincere worker as the hopes of many parents lie on their shoulders so that after completing their education they can work for betterment of their village and make it a better heaven.

Karishma Prakash, 25, quit her engineering job in Bengaluru and Sanu Khan, 30, took a sabbatical from Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) in Thiruvananthapuram. Both volunteer as teachers at the Haji Public School in Breswana village of Doda.

“Coming here has been an eye-opening experience. The children despite the different kind of hardship they face are tremendously bright,” says Dhamini Ratnam, 33, who quit her journalism job in Mumbai to teach class 7 students here.

Thanks to the efforts of these volunteers and many more who are trying to make it better with every single passing day whose constant efforts to make something out of these children is already bearing fruits.

Besides the many deodar and pine trees around the enthusiastic children are waiting for you. Go and share as much knowledge as you have acquired and let the nature be your teacher instead, that’s the best part of imparting knowledge!

You can check out the complete details of their Volunteer Programme here. Click here to see how you can help Haji Public School.


Leap of Happiness

Luckily, google up Breswana on the net now and you’ll find a lot of links that talk only about Haji Public School and Sabbah Haji. This amazing journey of changing the narrative of a strife-ridden place to a success story is all due to Sabbah and her amazing team that works day in and out for the betterment of the place.
New Age Kashmir salutes their will-power and will be back soon with more such stories that’ll help you find positive stories in a world full of negative headlines.

Sabbah Haji can be followed on Twitter: @imsabbah

The school website: