Let’s do this small exercise this season of spring. Close your eyes and imagine Kashmir. What do you see?

We believe, you felt a whiff of cool breeze, see snow clad mountains competing with the sky, elegance of the majestic Dal lake and the sweet smell from the exuberance of thousands and thousands of tulips. Feels really like a dream, isn’t it? Well believe us friends, the valley is your most beautiful dream personified. And this picture was not just the figment of your imagination come to life, but the beauty of Asia’s largest tulip garden.

We often talk about the development, growth, betterment, talent, cuisines, hospitability and a long list of other attributes of Kashmir. But today let’s take you on a ride to its most celebrated Tulip Festival.

Only of its kind in India, the Tulip Festival in Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden, Kashmir celebrates the blooming season of the magnificent Tulips that adds to the ethereal beauty of Srinagar. Nestled on the foothills of Zabarwan Range, the largest tulip garden in Asia presents a stunning view of the Dal Lake. This seven terraced garden was built with the intention to promote tourism and floriculture in Kashmir.

A smooth cruising drive of a mere 9 kilometres from Srinagar along the Dal Lake towards the south brings us to the Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden. Antiquity and an ambience of timeless regality are bestowed by Lord to this Tulip Garden. An entry into this garden is akin to savouring paradise as God intended it to be. The eye then gets riveted to the numerous parallel running rows of more than a million multi-coloured tulip flowers spread over an astounding five hectares of land on the shores of the lake – creating a riot of reds, yellows, pinks, whites and the most spectacular of blues and purples. These are colours of beauty, shaped to perfection. When viewed from a distance, it appears as if a rainbow has descended on the Earth. Hence, the universal dream of philosophers around the world, to reach the end of the rainbow gets symbolically satiated here.

Well, let’s now tell you what’s new this year for you in Tulip Garden. Visitors in the Asia’s largest Tulip Garden on the banks of Dal Lake can enjoy free Wi-Fi access, in addition to many other new facilities like more washrooms, fountains, and drinking points, when the garden opens to public later this month on March 25. Added are more green spaces inside the garden so that all you guests can rest and enjoy the beauty of flowers in full bloom. You can also taste Koshur as there will be decorated kiosks and stalls showcasing authentic handicrafts and cuisine of Kashmir with a traditional and ethnic touch.

The valley is all set to mesmerise you in the 15 days period in this season of colours, fragrance, tradition, ethnicity, celebration, divinity and Koshur. Plan a trip well in advance because a walk in the Tulip Garden in Kashmir will stay with you longer than you expect.

Champions of the Valley

Kashmir, a land which is mostly known for its colossal scenic beauty, landscapes, handicrafts and unique goods, is now making headlines every other day because of its uprising stupendous talent in different fields.
Here, we are going to talk about two Kashmiri kids,  Arwa Imtiyaz and Hasim Manzoor, who have achieved a recognition at national and international level.  Let’s walk you through their success story which is the talk of the town.

Arwa Imtiyaz: – Arwa Imtiyaz, a 15-year old girl hailing from Srinagar, Jammu, and Kashmir is a voice for many people who cannot hear or speak. This class 10th student plays a crucial role of translator for over 300 sportspeople.  Arwa`s mother and brother cannot hear or speak.  Since her childhood she had observed the discrimination faced by her family members and other dumb and deaf people, hence she decided to help them.

She came in contact with sports people who are deaf and dumb because of her brother, who is a badminton player. Since she knew the sign language, she decided to bring a change in society.  She became the voice of voiceless not for money. As quoted in an interview with Awra, “Money is not all to me but I want to help people like my mother, maternal uncle, and aunt, who cannot speak. My mother Rehana can’t speak or hear”.
Waheed Ur Rehman Parra,has appreciated Arwa’s inspirational efforts. In the age where teenagers have little idea about the life, Arwa’s has carved her way by helping others.

Hasim Manzoor: – As they say that age does not matter, we would like to introduce Hasim Manjoor, a seven -year -old resident of Bandipora, Kashmir who clinched gold at Asian Youth Karate Championship (AYKC), held in New Delhi. He won the gold medal in the sub-junior category (below25kg) after defeating his Sri Lankan opponent in the finale.

Before qualifying to finals he defeated his Bhutanese and Malaysian opponents to bag a gold for the country.
At this tender age when a kid hardly knows the meaning of hard work, Hasim with his hard work and passion has shown outstanding performance at an international level. He is definitely among some extraordinary kids.
Time and again Kashmir proves that this place is just not about tourism and handicrafts but also about the hard work and passion to Jammu and Kashmir at national and International platforms and make the whole nation are proud of it.  Earlier 8- year- old Tajjamul Islam had become the first Indian player to clinch a gold medal in the sub-junior category at the world kickboxing championship.

New Kashmir wishes a great journey ahead for these super talented kids.