Afsan Ashiq- The Journey Of Kashmiri Footballer from Attacker to Defender

Kashmir is not only rich in picturesque views and cultural heritage but also a hub of talented people. It fills me with immense pride when Kashmir is in news not for violence and blood shed but for its ample opportunities of development. Kashmiri’s fondness for sports is ever increasing and Football has our hearts. Today I am amazed to know about Ms. Afsan Ashiq who has made a name in Football, is now one big face from Kashmir. I would like to quote a beautiful line which summarises her story.

“Sometimes in the wind of change we find our true direction.”

Her picture while pelting stone at Army became viral. Under the destructive influence and as a misguided youth she was part of stone pelting. In the view of development, the trend for women’s football in Kashmir goes back to 2007 and Nadiya was the first female coach of women`s football club in Kashmir. This was the turning point for Afsan stood strong against all the odds and decided to do something valuable with her life. Her self-realization proved a path of success and better life.By changing her life, she became inspiration for others as well. The efforts of the state’s women team were also recognised by Home Minister Rajnath Singh who met them and paid attention to their demands The Government of Kashmir will be now taking initiatives to plan a better sports infrastructure.

From attacker to defender, it`s all about the journey and struggles of Afsan and how she made her way through everything. Afsan’s story is another example of homecoming. Hope more Kashmiri youth specially the misguided youth, follow suit. The joy of becoming a captain of J&K and getting into national women`s football team is empowering. We already were hearing a lot of news from last few days that how Kashmiri female football club is making a huge name and the efforts of players are worth appraisal. They are learning every possible technique of Football to excel in the field. Female Football club is the new trend setter. After cricket, football can be the next sport with which people have a better connection. As they say that in India cricket is a religion but football is a way of life. We appreciate Afsan that she chose her way of life so well that it led her to her success and she is motivating others from Kashmir to follow their passion without giving a second thought to it. This young Kashmiri talent proved that dreams and dedication are powerful combination. New Age Kashmir wished that she achieve all she deserve and desire for. All the success to this new champion of valley.